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Are you a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, a football gambler, a fantasy football guru or a fan of everything NFL?

Chiefs Command is looking for great content, and as much of it as you can produce.

Write for fun, write to build a portfolio, write to make a few bucks… Whatever reason you want to write, Chiefs Command would love to have you!

At Chiefs Command, we share profits with all of our authors. It is easy! You enter your Google AdSense publisher ID into your profile and your ads will be displayed 50% of the time your posts are viewed.

Simply put, the more you write and the more you create a following of dedicated readers, the more money you can earn and the best part, you deal directly with Google, an advertiser you already trust, to pay you directly.

As an Ad-Sharing writer for Chiefs Command, you are expected to publish a minimum of two articles per week.

Coming Soon: Chiefs Command plans to eventually allow the ability for every reader to submit their own articles.

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