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Tebow Can Be A Real NFL Quarterback If He Wants To

The dumb fans of Denver got their wish in Week 5 of this NFL season and Tim Tebow took over as starting quarterback for a sluggish Broncos team. After beating the then winless Miami Dolphins and then falling to the Lions, they went on to

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NFL Week 15

NFL week 15 and almost the end of the regular season and it is going to come down to the wire. This week has a few good game, my personal favorite of the week its the Denver Tebows vs New England Patriots. Tom Brady one

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NFL Parlay Week 14: Chiefs, Saints, Patriots

My week 13 attempt at a win ended with a thud. Riding high from the noon games, where the Chiefs not only covered the spread, but won the game and the Colts covered in garbage time… I

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Todd Haley’s Last Game As Head Coach

What we saw was tragic for all involved but it would have been worse if Brian Urlacher and Chris Conte had not knocked the ball directly into the hands of Dexter McCluster. Other than that, it was a pathetic display of offense and strong defense

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The NFL Friday Five

The Thanksgiving holiday may be over, but the tryptophan overdoses have just begun. Bring your leftovers and get down on this weeks NFL Friday Five.

1. It may not have helped them on Thanksgiving, but the Detroit Lions are the first team in

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Kyle Orton Claimed by Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Claim QB Kyle Orton Off Waivers

Recently released QB Kyle Orton finds himself a member of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Orton was released by the Denver Broncos yesterday. Two other teams put in a claim for Orton: Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys.

Reports previously said Orton did not want to go

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The Kansas City Chiefs Will Finish 5-11

The Kansas City Chiefs humiliating losses to the Dolphins and Broncos are only the beginning of the coming free fall.  Tonight the Chief’s embark on what will more than likely be a double digit blow out at the hands of the New England Patriots.  The

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Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III: The RG3 Effect

We all know that the NFL is a copy-cat league, it may be too early to say that Team Tebow is a success. However, if the option-style offense the Denver Broncos are running becomes a trend, as the Wildcat has, then teams all across the

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Relegate The Chiefs For The Rest Of The Season Like I Have

I am just going to start by saying that might have been the worst Chiefs loss I have ever witnessed. I will define worst Chiefs loss as the most painful and embarrassing loss I have ever experienced. Sure, some of the playoff losses in the

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Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs vs. the AFC West

Since the season began, everyone as talked about the strength of schedule for the Kansas City Chiefs.  About how brutal this next 5-game stretch will be.  First they play the Patriots (6-3) in Foxborough, then come back for the Steelers (7-3), then on

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