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Charlie Weis Chiefs 2010

What are the Chiefs missing?

I simply cannot explain why the Chiefs are so bad.  How can a team, that lost relatively few players and staff, be so bad this year?  I will break down each different staffing area of the team to see if we can find out what

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What to Watch f…..oh thats right.

It is a sad, sad week here at Chiefs Command, as the season is officially over. Many of you are wondering what will be going on around here now, and I tell you to fear not. Yes, while there will not be any more What to Watch for threads, there will be plenty of other exciting off-season articles and posts that will keep you hungry for next year

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Nick’s Chiefs Briefs: Week 16

If you had told me prior to the season that the last Kansas City Chiefs game of the season was going to be meaningless, I’d have believed you. If you then told me it was because they had locked up the AFC West Division title, then I’d have told you to shut your crazy hole. Yet, here we are. The final game of the season means nothing and the Chiefs will be playing a home playoff game. Simply unbelievable. So let’s crack open a Boulevard beer and slip into that new set of Briefs that ole Saint Nick brought us.

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Matt Cassel

The Chiefs Are Eager And Able To Turn The Tables On Broncos

Another NFC West opponent bit the dust at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. KC looked sharp on offense and defense but left a lot to be desired on special teams in Seattle. Now, the Chiefs have a primer game at Arrowhead Stadium against the Denver Broncos before they go to San Diego for the biggest game of the season for both the Chiefs and the Chargers.

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Nick’s Chiefs Briefs: Week 12

Every game from here on out takes on more and more importance for the Kansas City Chiefs. They helped themselves tremendously by beating the Seattle Seahawks on the road this past week. The team needed to bounce back in a big way after floundering around the past couple of weeks. My bitterness and anger has subsided and things seem to be going in the right direction. There’s lots of stuff to cover this week, so lets get down to our Briefs and get busy.

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cassel jersey

Cassel leads Chiefs to huge win

In terms of victories this season, Sunday’s win for the Kansas City Chiefs over the Seattle Seahawks is as big as any of them.

And it came in perhaps the best game of Matt Cassel‘s career as Chiefs quarterback.

Four touchdowns, no interceptions and – most importantly – timely touchdowns and great drives helped the Chiefs earn only their second road win of the season.

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Grading the Chiefs through the 1st half of 2010

The first half of the season started off with the highest of highs as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football to open the season at the New Arrowhead Stadium. Now, the first half ended on the lowest of lows, with the Chiefs losing in overtime in a game where the Oakland Raiders tried their hardest to give the Chiefs the easy win.

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Tamba Hali sacks Alex Smith

The Kansas City Chiefs Look To Escape The Black Hole With A Win

You have to go back to December 26th, 2006 to find a game against the Raiders that meant something for the Kansas City Chiefs. At that time, the Chiefs were on their way to falling ass-backwards into the playoffs. Today’s game lacks the same urgency for the Chiefs but the magnitude and implications of the outcome of this game are sizable.

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Mario Williams, Houston Texans

Insight into the Houston Texans: Q&A with Toro Times

Each week, my favorite part about being a Kansas City Chiefs blogger is meeting and talking with fans and writers of the Chiefs’ opponent.

I already know what Kansas City fans, writers and personalities think about our Chiefs… It is much more interesting to learn what the enemy thinks of your team…

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Nick’s Chiefs Briefs: Week 4


What a perfect week to have a bye. The weather was perfect, so having no reason to be inside watching television was great. One of my good college friends had a wedding on Saturday in St. Louis, so I was able to ease my way back to Kansas City on Sunday without having to worry about getting home in time to see the Kansas City Chiefs game. Since there was no game to discuss this week, I’ll go off the beaten path some in the Briefs, some will have almost nothing to do with football. Also, I’ve combined my links post and the Chiefs Briefs into a single post, so don’t freak out when you can’t find the Chiefs on the Web post.

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