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The Chiefs Should Facilitate The Crash of the Titans

I hope you all had a Happy Holidays!
The Kansas City Chiefs vanquished their last NFC West opponent last weekend but their road to the playoffs still stretches at least until this evening. I am not confident that the San Diego Chargers will lose their game against the woeful Cincinnati Bengals.

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The Chiefs Square Off Against the Texans in a Houston Ho-Down

The Kansas City Chiefs were handed their first loss on Sunday but they haven’t lost too much respect from the rest of the league and it’s fans. The Chiefs held their own as they kept the Colts’ offense at bay, generated a quick drive at the end of the first half and stayed with the Colts for most of the game.

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Surviving the Hangover

Well ladies and gents, I think we are all in agreement when I say that there really wouldn’t be a point in a ‘What to Watch for’ thread this week. That is, unless you guys are really interested in who used the cold tub vs. who used the hot tub. So instead, I will talk about something relevant to us this week.

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Ryan O'Callaghan, Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Final 53-Man Roster

Nearly 3 hours after the NFL deadline for every NFL team to reach the 53-man roster, the Kansas City Chiefs have announced their final cuts.

13 players were cut along with Jeremy Urban and Maurice Leggett being placed on the Injury Reserve. Urban’s injury is a mystery, with details to come.

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Jackie Battle, Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Final 53: 1st Draft

So before the Kansas City Chiefs make their final cuts on Saturday, I’ve decided to bring you the first of a few versions of the Chiefs final 53 man roster. Of course, there will likely be some waiver pickups before it’s all said and done, but these are the guys I want wearing the Red and Gold…for now. The order in which the players appear will be where I want them on the depth chart.

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