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Matt Cassel

The Chiefs Are Eager And Able To Turn The Tables On Broncos

Another NFC West opponent bit the dust at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. KC looked sharp on offense and defense but left a lot to be desired on special teams in Seattle. Now, the Chiefs have a primer game at Arrowhead Stadium against the Denver Broncos before they go to San Diego for the biggest game of the season for both the Chiefs and the Chargers.

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The Buck Stops In Kansas City Versus The Arizona Cardinals

Well, if last Sunday wasn’t the perfect storm for suck. The bye-week was good to the Denver Broncos. I imagine that having to start their break fresh off a loss to the San Francisco 49ers in London wasn’t easy but they got healthy, they were prepared and the Broncos were the better coached team than the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Grading the Chiefs through the 1st half of 2010

The first half of the season started off with the highest of highs as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football to open the season at the New Arrowhead Stadium. Now, the first half ended on the lowest of lows, with the Chiefs losing in overtime in a game where the Oakland Raiders tried their hardest to give the Chiefs the easy win.

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Nick’s Chiefs Briefs: Week 8

My preseason prediction of 4-12 for the Kansas City Chiefs is now officially wrong, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m still completely flabbergasted that the Chiefs have won this many games and it feels pretty good. Last week’s game was one of the crazier ones I can remember watching and I can’t say whether it makes me more or less optimistic regarding the team. I’ve scoured all of the tubes that make up the internets to find interesting Chiefs notes and of course some of my patent pending takes. So sit back, relax and let’s get into our Bri

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Buffalo Should Be On the Grill Inside and Outside Arrowhead Stadium

Anybody who monitored the Buffalo Bills-Baltimore Ravens game knows that the winless Bills didn’t make it easy for the Ravens in Baltimore. Having Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm prevents the Bills from being the pushover that they have been at the beginning of the season.

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Thomas Jones

Kansas City Chiefs Begin Tour To Avenge Last Year’s Garbage Losses

The Kansas City Chiefs have the second easiest remaining schedule. The next three opponents are good reasons why the Chiefs’ schedule is easier. The Jacksonville Jaguars, the Buffalo Bills and the Oakland Raiders beat the Chiefs last year but this year, the Chiefs have improved while the other teams remain jokes of the NFL.

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Todd Haley, Kansas City Chiefs

Todd Haley Press Conference Monday 10/4

Todd Haley‘s press conference video about the Kansas City Chiefs bye week and a little about the upcoming week 5 matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.

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Kansas City Chiefs links on the web

Chiefs on the Web: Monday 9/27

Well now, 3-0. Can’t say I thought we’d be here right now. This weeks links are not surprisingly filled with optimism and will either look prophetic or absurdly hilarious in about 6 weeks. Lets all hope for the former. So if you are reading these in the evening, take a break from the kids/wife/girlfriend or all three and let me be your spiritual guide into the world of the intertubes Kansas City Chiefs style. If you are reading these during the workday, good for you, stick it to the man.

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Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Command Blogger Predictions

Welcome to the 1st annual Chiefs Command Kansas City Chiefs Predictions! Each Chiefs Command blogger and contributor was asked to give their predictions for the upcoming Kansas City Chiefs season in a variety of categories. We expect you, the reader, to call us out for flip-flopping later in the season if we do so without giving supporting evidence or apologies!!

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Scott Pioli, Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are not a special case

Finally, the preseason games are over. Put them behind you because they were all just practice and get ready for real football. There are things you can draw from preseason games but they are just televised practices. There are too many series’ where scrubs are playing against scrubs and the starters are out there to go through the motions…

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