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Different Raiders Same Problems!

Raiders started the game Off with a Great Drive that ended in the Redzone with a Fumble! and thats where  all the Troubles started. Penalty after Penalty after Penalty!

Oakland Defense Looked Good but were the Cause of the  Out of Sync performance! 2 CRUCIAL

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Top NFL Rivalries of 2012

One of the reasons that the National Football League (NFL) is considered the most popular team sport in the United States is because of its rabid fan base. With only sixteen games on their schedules, a few bad games can push a team out of

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Javier Arenas v. Raiders Week 7

Kansas City Chiefs Numbers Game

The Kansas City Chiefs shut out the Oakland Raiders 28-0 on Sunday and I could not be on more of a high than I am right now. Just witnessing the collapse of the Raiders after losing Jason Campbell for the season, then giving up a

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