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NFL Parlay Week 12: Steelers, Raiders, Patriots

Ok, now it is starting to get frustrating!  Another loss in week 11 and it was a bad one… The only correct pick was that the Kansas City Chiefs would be blown out. That was the only game

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Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III: The RG3 Effect

We all know that the NFL is a copy-cat league, it may be too early to say that Team Tebow is a success. However, if the option-style offense the Denver Broncos are running becomes a trend, as the Wildcat has, then teams all across the

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Cassel On the Turf

The NFL Friday Five

It’s quittin’ time again on your friday afternoon, so lets roll into the weekend with the NFL Friday Five.

1. The term football factory refers to college football teams that seem to produce a very large number of NFL players. In recent years, the Sooners have

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Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley

Dolphins Sink Chiefs; Chiefs Remain in First Place; Rally Beard Dies

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chiefs fans of the world, the Rally Beard dies today.

Sunday’s showing by the Kansas City Chiefs was fair. Matt Cassel didn’t throw any interceptions, nor did he throw any touchdowns. in fact, the only score of the game for the Chiefs came

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Ryan Succop 5 field goals vs. Vikings 2011 week 4

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

How ‘bout those Chiefs?

This was a huge win for this struggling Chiefs team. Matt Cassel looked excellent in the second half. Todd Haley got his team all on the same page. Everything seemed to click pretty well over the course of the game. Sure,

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Arian Foster, Melvin Bullitt

5 Players to Stay Away from in Your Fantasy Draft

Football season is getting closer and closer. This means fantasy football season is also getting closer and closer… And is even more important to some fans, not this fan, but some.

Many leagues have already drafted for the 2011 season, but if you’ve been around

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