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Chiefs Defense Stellar; Palko Cellar

Tyler Palko. In the dictionary, if you look beside the word interception, you will see the look on his face blaming Dwayne Bowe for his poorly thrown third interception of the game, sixth in two games. Chiefs fans, the Palko Experiment is over. Bring on

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As season approaches, concern grows

It’s not too hard to look at the Chiefs on the surface and see a team on the brink of greatness. Promising young starters returning, one of the hottest young coaches in the game and a passionate fanbase reignited by an unlikely division title run

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Is it time to panic, at least slightly?

Hi! I am excited to be back for another year of the NFL and, in 11 days, real Chiefs football will be upon us!

On Friday, we all saw another preseason loss for the Kansas City Chiefs by way of another listless game plan provided

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Indeed, The Chiefs Have Needs

The current uncertainty that a collective bargaining agreement will be reached between the NFL owners and the NFL player’s association, free agency is going to be at an all-time low. This places more importance on the NFL draft and every fan of the Kansas City Chiefs is hoping that NFL Executive of the Year Scott Pioli can repeat last year’s performance and learn from the whiffs of the 2009 draft

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What to Watch f…..oh thats right.

It is a sad, sad week here at Chiefs Command, as the season is officially over. Many of you are wondering what will be going on around here now, and I tell you to fear not. Yes, while there will not be any more What to Watch for threads, there will be plenty of other exciting off-season articles and posts that will keep you hungry for next year

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The Buck Stops In Kansas City Versus The Arizona Cardinals

Well, if last Sunday wasn’t the perfect storm for suck. The bye-week was good to the Denver Broncos. I imagine that having to start their break fresh off a loss to the San Francisco 49ers in London wasn’t easy but they got healthy, they were prepared and the Broncos were the better coached team than the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Grading the Chiefs through the 1st half of 2010

The first half of the season started off with the highest of highs as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football to open the season at the New Arrowhead Stadium. Now, the first half ended on the lowest of lows, with the Chiefs losing in overtime in a game where the Oakland Raiders tried their hardest to give the Chiefs the easy win.

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Tamba Hali 49ers

Kansas City Chiefs, Interrupted

If teams were allowed to request bye-weeks, the Kansas City Chiefs wouldn’t have picked this week for a break. However, a team takes what the NFL gives a team and the Chiefs could use some extra time to study some Indianapolis Colts film and get Javier Arenas, Tamba Hali and Tyson Jackson healed. I don’t think this is a “momentum disruptor” because the Chiefs have won by playing good football and not because of nebulous momentum. Two weeks without playing at game speed might have the Chiefs playing rusty but if they are as prepared for the Colts as they were for the San Diego Chargers, the Chiefs could very well find a way to win…

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Jamaal Charles Custom Cover for Madden 11

Playing as the Kansas City Chiefs on Madden 11

EA Sports’ Madden is by far the most successful sports video game franchise, selling around 90 million copies to NFL fans since 1988. This year’s addition, Madden 11, is being played offline and online by countless NFL and Kansas City Chiefs fans.

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What to Watch For: Chargers @ Chiefs

There is so much to watch for in this game, it would be impossible to put it all into one post. When you think about all of the changes and moves this team has made during the offseason, the hype that the rookies are providing, the upgraded stadium and atmosphere, there just really isn’t an end to the madness. Don’t worry folks, Andy is here to save the day! I am going to tell you just a few of the main things I will be watching for.

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