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Predator Of The Prairie Podcast Episode 7


Segment 1 Intro, Gut reaction, Pregame Keys/Postgame Locks, show over view (01:00)


What to Watch for: MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!!

Boo. It’s Halloween time here at Chiefs Command and we are as excited as anyone for this weeks 1st place contest that just happens to take place on Monday Night Football against the hated San Diego Chargers. I am excited to see Arrowhead Stadium rockin’

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Matt Cassel calls an audible vs. Colts NFL Week 5

Concerns: Kansas City Chiefs

Well lets take a good look at what has happened since I last blogged. The Kansas City Chiefs are now 2-3, Dwayne Bowe is reportedly being shopped, Todd Haley almost lost his job, Matt Cassel played descent, and Scott Pioli is an epic fail!


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Week Six: No Longer Bye the Wayside

All of us Chiefs fans gotta feel good going into this weekend’s bye week 2-3. This club looked like the worst team in the NFL after their first two outings. Week three saw an inspired performance against the Chargers, week four showed us a team

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Todd Haley v. Vikings 2011 NFL Week4

Let’s Win One for the Gipper!

I don’t get it, Chiefs fans! Last year we were all in love with Todd Haley. We couldn’t get enough of his scruffy beard, lack of self hygiene and dirty clothes look! We all were like,  ”Man, this guy is dedicated to this team so

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Jamaal Charles, Injury v. Lions 2011

How Nick Wright of 610 Sports saved the Chiefs season. “14 Games 15 Years”

I Love to turn on 610 sports at 2:00 to listen to all the Kansas City Chiefs fans whine and blame and cry about Sunday’s game. So today, I tuned in at 2pm in hopes of some outraged callers, and had to hear what Nick

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