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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs

5 Reasons the Denver Broncos could beat the Kansas City Chiefs

No matter your overall thoughts of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2011, there is no way you predicted a blowout as large as the one the Miami Dolphins administered to the Kansas City Chiefs in week 9. 31-3… embarrassing!

Although the Chiefs were blown out, they

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Jared Allen Sacks Matthew Stafford Week 3 2011

5 Reasons the Vikings could beat the Chiefs

Week 3 in San Diego was exteremely deflating for Chiefs fans. While the Chargers never trailed in the game, the Cheifs found themselves with a solid opportunity to drive 66 yards with 1:24 remaining, score a touchdown and win the game.

At that point, even

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Matthew Stafford v. Vikings week 3 2011

Thoughts from a Vikings Fan on the Match-up against the Chiefs

You know, this should be a big game. It really should be. And there should be everything that comes with it- the insulting nicknames for the other teams, the vitriolic amongst fans, the bad jokes, the ritual slaughtering of goats… oh wait, only Packers

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Nick’s Chiefs Briefs: Week 5

The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t undefeated anymore, but the game against the Indianapolis Colts gave me more faith in the team than I’ve had all season. I think it would be an understatement to say that Chiefs fans would be pleased to be in the playoffs and that possibility is extremely real and plausible. Welcome to this weeks Chiefs Briefs all ready to enjoy during Monday Night Football or while pretending to listen during that conference call at work.

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