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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans

Ugly Will Do

The Kansas City Chiefs are 5-0!  This is the first time the Chiefs have been 5-0 since 2003.  The Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans 26-17.  The Chiefs defense was dominant in the first half as the Titans went three and out on their first five

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Could Haley’s Days be Numbered?

After seeing the game today, the question about whether the Chiefs will retain Todd Haley’s services after the seasons ends came up.  It came up once before, after the Chiefs dropped 3 in a row, but was silenced when they started winning. Now after 2

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Eric Weddle intercepts Matt Cassel week 3 2011

#Suck4Luck Campaign Needs to End

Chiefs fans,

Have you given up all hope already? Have you already jumped ship and lost all hope in this season? As a true Chiefs fan, I have yet to give up hope. Sure, the Chiefs are 0-3. So are the Dolphins, Rams, and Vikings, and

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