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Like No Other Raiders Week

What a weekend! I got to watch Andrew Luck take on my Huskies, the World Series and, now, I will see a showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders at the Black Hole. It sounds like we will not know if Carson

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Matthew Stafford v. Vikings week 3 2011

Thoughts from a Vikings Fan on the Match-up against the Chiefs

You know, this should be a big game. It really should be. And there should be everything that comes with it- the insulting nicknames for the other teams, the vitriolic amongst fans, the bad jokes, the ritual slaughtering of goats… oh wait, only Packers

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Jamaal Charles, Ravens

2011 Chiefs Schedule Rundown

The Kansas City Chiefs season starts in less than one week. Here is my early run-down of the Chiefs schedule… This is how I reached the conclusion of 8-8 in the Chiefs Command Pre-season Predictions.

Week 1 – vs.

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