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The Kansas City Chiefs Have Arrived, Still Have Work To Do

It’s clear that the best four teams in the AFC are still in the playoffs. The Kansas City Chiefs had quite a season but they still have some things to retool and players to draft. With the unknown state of a new collective bargaining agreement, it hurts to not have the Chiefs in the playoffs anymore.

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Tamba Hali 49ers

Kansas City Chiefs, Interrupted

If teams were allowed to request bye-weeks, the Kansas City Chiefs wouldn’t have picked this week for a break. However, a team takes what the NFL gives a team and the Chiefs could use some extra time to study some Indianapolis Colts film and get Javier Arenas, Tamba Hali and Tyson Jackson healed. I don’t think this is a “momentum disruptor” because the Chiefs have won by playing good football and not because of nebulous momentum. Two weeks without playing at game speed might have the Chiefs playing rusty but if they are as prepared for the Colts as they were for the San Diego Chargers, the Chiefs could very well find a way to win…

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Jamaal Charles Custom Cover for Madden 11

Playing as the Kansas City Chiefs on Madden 11

EA Sports’ Madden is by far the most successful sports video game franchise, selling around 90 million copies to NFL fans since 1988. This year’s addition, Madden 11, is being played offline and online by countless NFL and Kansas City Chiefs fans.

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Derrick Johnson (56) and the Chiefs linebacking corps will be a huge key for the Chiefs this season

The True Key to the Chiefs Season

With no game yesterday, I figured instead of a game recap this week I’d do my personal thoughts as to what will determine the Kansas City Chiefs‘ success this year as we get ready for the season opener tonight.

That key in my mind is the linebacking corps.

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Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Command Blogger Predictions

Welcome to the 1st annual Chiefs Command Kansas City Chiefs Predictions! Each Chiefs Command blogger and contributor was asked to give their predictions for the upcoming Kansas City Chiefs season in a variety of categories. We expect you, the reader, to call us out for flip-flopping later in the season if we do so without giving supporting evidence or apologies!!

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Ryan O'Callaghan, Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Final 53-Man Roster

Nearly 3 hours after the NFL deadline for every NFL team to reach the 53-man roster, the Kansas City Chiefs have announced their final cuts.

13 players were cut along with Jeremy Urban and Maurice Leggett being placed on the Injury Reserve. Urban’s injury is a mystery, with details to come.

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Jeremy Horne Kansas City Chiefs

What to Watch for: Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Hey everyone, my name is Andy Kelley. I will be your weekly Wednesday blogger, and when the season comes around I will most likely be doing a What To Watch For/ Reports From Practice post. Those posts will usually be about who is running with the first team in practice, and what we should watch for during the next weekends game. I will also try to include a little scouting report on our opposition….

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Andy Studebaker, Kansas City Chiefs

Positive signs come from Philly game

Hello. My name’s Jason Tarwater. One of the reasons I decided to do my blogs on Monday was primarily to break down the Kansas City Chiefs games during the season, share what I thought.

However, this week, I’m going to be a little late with it, but still. This will be the M.O. for this particular blog, just to give you a head’s up of what to look for.

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