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Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders

5 Reasons the Oakland Raiders could beat the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are still alive in the hunt for the playoffs! By now, you know the scenario: The Chiefs must win their last two games, the Denver Broncos must must lose against the Buffalo Bills in week 16, while the San Diego Chargers must

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Winning money is the reason everyone gambles. Today I going to teach you all on how to maximize your profits. I have talked about straight betting is the best way to be profitable but there are ways to beat parlays.

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Like No Other Raiders Week

What a weekend! I got to watch Andrew Luck take on my Huskies, the World Series and, now, I will see a showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders at the Black Hole. It sounds like we will not know if Carson

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Jackie Battle v. Buccaneers

5 Reasons the Raiders could beat the Chiefs

When the 2011 NFL season began, what did you expect the Kansas City Chiefs’ record to be heading into the week 6 bye?

I have a strong feeling many fans expected 2-3 or 3-2, not much better, not much worse. In my Read on »

Darren McFadden v. Jets 2011

Oakland Raiders: 2011′s Chiefs

Very quietly the Oakland Raiders are positioning themselves to be this year’s version of the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2010 the Kansas City Chiefs and their dominant running game took the league by storm and came out with their first playoff appearance since 2006.  This

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