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Jon Baldwin: Beast with (bad?) attitude

Ahhhh, football. Can you smell it? It was nice to put the lockout drama aside and get down to what makes this sport great: three hours of listening to Chris Berman make terrible jokes and go silent every time his producer talks in his earpiece.

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The Kansas City Chiefs Have Arrived, Still Have Work To Do

It’s clear that the best four teams in the AFC are still in the playoffs. The Kansas City Chiefs had quite a season but they still have some things to retool and players to draft. With the unknown state of a new collective bargaining agreement, it hurts to not have the Chiefs in the playoffs anymore.

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What to Watch f…..oh thats right.

It is a sad, sad week here at Chiefs Command, as the season is officially over. Many of you are wondering what will be going on around here now, and I tell you to fear not. Yes, while there will not be any more What to Watch for threads, there will be plenty of other exciting off-season articles and posts that will keep you hungry for next year

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The Buck Stops In Kansas City Versus The Arizona Cardinals

Well, if last Sunday wasn’t the perfect storm for suck. The bye-week was good to the Denver Broncos. I imagine that having to start their break fresh off a loss to the San Francisco 49ers in London wasn’t easy but they got healthy, they were prepared and the Broncos were the better coached team than the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Grading the Chiefs through the 1st half of 2010

The first half of the season started off with the highest of highs as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football to open the season at the New Arrowhead Stadium. Now, the first half ended on the lowest of lows, with the Chiefs losing in overtime in a game where the Oakland Raiders tried their hardest to give the Chiefs the easy win.

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Week 9: Close Calls, Good for Chiefs but Bad for Me

The Kansas City Chiefs had one hell of a close call against Buffalo, but still found a way to win. It was ugly, but not as ugly as how my fantasy week ended. I managed to lose by 0.28 points; I’ve never actually felt sick after losing a fantasy game. I wish I would have been blown out, and then I would have known I wasn’t a fraction of a point away from a win and a huge division lead. The Chiefs got lucky and won, too bad they stole some of that luck from me.

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Week 8: Back Home in the Win Column

No matter what the circumstance, it always feels good to come back home and sleep in your own comfortable bed. That’s what winning feels like. As Chiefs fans we are happy to be back home, home being the win column. No one is happier to be back in his home than I am after my disappointing week six fantasy loss. Unfortunately, I seem to have a tougher match-up this week then do the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs

Week 7: 5 and OH NO!

Followers I have sad news to report this morning… I am no longer undefeated. A three point week five victory ironically turned to a three point week six loss. Who is to blame? I can only blame the Kansas City Chiefs Defense. There horrible performance against the Texans cost me my bid for perfection. If they could have played like they did against the Colts everything would have been fine. The one thing I thought the Chiefs had going into that game was potential for a solid defensive outing.

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Brian Cushing, Houston Texans

5 Reasons the Chiefs could lose to the Houston Texans


I think any Kansas City Chiefs fan would have been ecstatic if they were guaranteed to start the season 3-1, leading the AFC West… Most fans are ecstatic, some are cautiously optimistic, others have turned complete homer and cannot believe the Cheifs would lose to a “down” Indianapolis Colts team.

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Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts

Week 6: Can I get a High 5 (and 0)?

Man it was close but I squeaked out a week five win by three points to stay undefeated.  My fantasy win was sadly the best part of the weekends since the Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t join the undefeated ride with me.  Even with the Chiefs losing, fantasy owners got a better insight on what is to come for some of the Chiefs players. 

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