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Well Chief fans, Here you have it, Last years chiefs have arrived, except this time ALL their players are healthy!

In week 1 you atleast had the excuse that Tamba hali was suspended and Brandon Flowers was not playing! Well whats the excuse this

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Pioli.lombardi trophy

Chiefs Needs and Wants

You want to see this image because, if this is duplicated in real life, Scott Pioli wins the Super Bowl as the Chiefs’ GM and Bill Belichick lost a bet with Pioli somewhere along the way and had to ride on the float.

Now that

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chiefs beat bears 2

Predator Of The Prairie Podcast: Episode 12


Predator of the Prairie Podcast : Episode 12

Podcast notes

Segment 1 Intro, Gut reaction,

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If Cassel had Started the score would’ve been..

If Matt Cassel would have started Monday nights Game in Foxborough, The score would have been 34-0. Maybe even 41-0 , the chiefs would have punted a little more

Tyler Palko played just as expected, He moved the ball downfield, He mad many nice passes,

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Coach Todd Haley is at full blame!

First you had your preseason strategy. Fail! While 31 other teams treated the preseason like they have since preseason has been around. Todd haley thought he would invent a new way about going at the preseason.. Strike one.

Next you have your 0-3 start and

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Here we go again.


Here we go again! Once again every one is demanding that Todd Haley is a horrible coach and that the Chiefs stink! OK, OK, lets all do this together and take a deep breath.. OK now exhale, the Chiefs are fine. I don’t see

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Hot Read: Chiefs vs Dolphins

First thing is first, I for some reason am still giddy about Monday night! I don’t know what it is, maybe the defense playing so well or Phillip Rivers losing it for the Chargers! Either way I’m stoked that the Chiefs are in a three

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5 game gauntlet

With a victory last Monday night against San Diego the Kansas City Chiefs now stand at 4-3 and tied for the division lead.  The next two weeks on their schedule show 2 teams with a combined 2-12 record.  So 6-3 is not at all out

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The way the west was won

Over the past few seasons the AFC West has been regarded as one of the leagues weakest divisions and for good reason.  But that does not stop fans of AFC West teams from being excited about the 3 way race atop the division.  The Chiefs,

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Javier Arenas v. Raiders Week 7

Kansas City Chiefs Numbers Game

The Kansas City Chiefs shut out the Oakland Raiders 28-0 on Sunday and I could not be on more of a high than I am right now. Just witnessing the collapse of the Raiders after losing Jason Campbell for the season, then giving up a

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