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Here we go again.


Here we go again! Once again every one is demanding that Todd Haley is a horrible coach and that the Chiefs stink! OK, OK, lets all do this together and take a deep breath.. OK now exhale, the Chiefs are fine. I don’t see

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Hot Read: Chiefs vs Dolphins

First thing is first, I for some reason am still giddy about Monday night! I don’t know what it is, maybe the defense playing so well or Phillip Rivers losing it for the Chargers! Either way I’m stoked that the Chiefs are in a three

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The way the west was won

Over the past few seasons the AFC West has been regarded as one of the leagues weakest divisions and for good reason.  But that does not stop fans of AFC West teams from being excited about the 3 way race atop the division.  The Chiefs,

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arrowhead 1

Rock this house: Arrowhead on Monday Night Football

The rosters are almost set. The teams are preparing as each day passes. Fans are hurriedly grabbing up what tickets they can get. We’ve waited for nearly six months for this day to come.

The Kansas City Chiefs vs. The San Diego Chargers. Week One. Game One. National Television. Must win.

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