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Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III: The RG3 Effect

We all know that the NFL is a copy-cat league, it may be too early to say that Team Tebow is a success. However, if the option-style offense the Denver Broncos are running becomes a trend, as the Wildcat has, then teams all across the

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Chiefs Offensive Line

Chiefs, Get Back To Basics!

The Kansas City Chiefs got beat by the Denver Broncos 17-10 on Sunday. The score is closer than the game actually was. Kansas City could not produce in any aspect of the game, and it inevitably killed their chances to get back on top of

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Aaron Rodgers throwing pass v. Rams 2011 week 6

NFL Parlay Week 7: Chiefs, Packers, Lions

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers couldn’t cover the spread against the Atlanta Falcons in week 6, giving me, yet another, NFL Parlay loss on the season.

I’m looking to rebound in week 7!

My one rule – I MUST use the Chiefs in the

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Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart, Jonathan Vilma

NFL Parlay Week 6: Jaguars, Packers, Panthers

I cannot believe I am saying this: I am sad I cannot pick the Chiefs in my NFL parlay in week 6. In 5 weeks, I have hit on the Chiefs vs. the spread in every week except week 2 against the Detroit Lions… Didn’t

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Ryan Succop 5 field goals vs. Vikings 2011 week 4

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

How ‘bout those Chiefs?

This was a huge win for this struggling Chiefs team. Matt Cassel looked excellent in the second half. Todd Haley got his team all on the same page. Everything seemed to click pretty well over the course of the game. Sure,

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Eric Weddle intercepts Matt Cassel week 3 2011

#Suck4Luck Campaign Needs to End

Chiefs fans,

Have you given up all hope already? Have you already jumped ship and lost all hope in this season? As a true Chiefs fan, I have yet to give up hope. Sure, the Chiefs are 0-3. So are the Dolphins, Rams, and Vikings, and

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