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Chiefs VS. Patriots: Random Ramblibgs

It has been a crazy season to be a Chiefs fan, especially as of late. It went from 2 back to back weeks of complete football nirvana, to 2 back to back weeks of complete and utter disappointment. Although the Chiefs are a mere game

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Indeed, The Chiefs Have Needs

The current uncertainty that a collective bargaining agreement will be reached between the NFL owners and the NFL player’s association, free agency is going to be at an all-time low. This places more importance on the NFL draft and every fan of the Kansas City Chiefs is hoping that NFL Executive of the Year Scott Pioli can repeat last year’s performance and learn from the whiffs of the 2009 draft

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The Kansas City Chiefs Have Arrived, Still Have Work To Do

It’s clear that the best four teams in the AFC are still in the playoffs. The Kansas City Chiefs had quite a season but they still have some things to retool and players to draft. With the unknown state of a new collective bargaining agreement, it hurts to not have the Chiefs in the playoffs anymore.

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Kansas City Chiefs Still Have Something Worth Playing For

With the San Diego Chargers’ loss to the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs’ win against the Tennessee Titans, the Chiefs are now in the playoffs! I now declare the rebuilding process over! Sure, the Chiefs could take steps backwards next year and not make the playoffs due to injuries or a tougher schedule.

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Jamaal Charles stomps Donkeys

Kansas City Chiefs Travel To Their Home Away From Home To Face The Rams

There aren’t a lot of positive aspects to last week’s slaughtering in San Diego. The Kansas City Chiefs remained healthy except for Peter King’s MVP Matt Cassel but, other than that, the team looked horrible. Despite last Sunday, the Chiefs still can win out and clinch a playoff home game.

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What to Watch for: Kansas City Chiefs @ St. Louis Rams

Well well well commanders (cheesy I know, but what else am I going to call you?), wasn’t that one heck of a game. Usually after a humiliating defeat like that I write a short, abbreviated, angry What to Watch for post. Not this time, no no. This week I will stay positive because I am holding out all hope that last week was a fluke. I hear optimism is the best way…

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Nick’s Chiefs Briefs: Week 14

Oof, that was an absolute punch in the gut. Not only did the Kansas City Chiefs get beat by the division rival San Diego Chargers, they got annihilated. The division is still a two horse race, and one which the Chiefs have a lead at the turn, but the Chargers are gaining. So let’s all have a big drink of bourbon, and wipe away the weeks misery by getting into a nice clean set of Briefs.

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Brodie Croyle

Chargers beat up Chiefs

Two words: Total domination.

Offensively, defensively, the San Diego Chargers had an answer for everything the Kansas City Chiefs wanted to do Sunday in a 31-0 shellacking, which gave the Chargers revenge for the Week 1 loss against the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

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Brodie Croyle

Whether we want it or not, it’s Brodie Time!

Be careful what you wish for.

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5 Reasons the San Diego Chargers could beat the Kansas City Chiefs

Heading to San Diego for their week 14 matchup against the Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs players, coaches and the entire Chiefs Kingdom find themselves thankful to the Oakland Raiders, who rolled through the Chargers in week 13 by a score of 28-13.

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