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Clark Hunt Does Not Want To Win The Super Bowl

Peyton Manning is inevitably going to be open for bidding in the coming days and the Chiefs would be absolutely stupid to not be the front-runner for him. If there is any observer of any kind that doesn’t realize that it’s time for a team

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Brian Waters, New England Patriots

The Other Side: New England Patriots

Each week I contact Kansas City Chiefs’ opponent writers, bloggers, broadcasters and sports personalities when writing my “5 Reasons the Chiefs could lose” article.

Week 11 was no different, but to my surprise, Boston/New England area sports personalities were much more ready and eager to

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Charlie Weis Chiefs 2010

What are the Chiefs missing?

I simply cannot explain why the Chiefs are so bad.  How can a team, that lost relatively few players and staff, be so bad this year?  I will break down each different staffing area of the team to see if we can find out what

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Don’t Worry about the Chiefs Pre-season Record

After a long and dark offseason with the lockout, we now approach the final week of the NFL preseason. At this point It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re a Detroit Lions fan or you are cheering for the Packers, or about to get your

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Kansas City Chiefs Still Have Something Worth Playing For

With the San Diego Chargers’ loss to the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs’ win against the Tennessee Titans, the Chiefs are now in the playoffs! I now declare the rebuilding process over! Sure, the Chiefs could take steps backwards next year and not make the playoffs due to injuries or a tougher schedule.

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Jamaal Charles stomps Donkeys

Kansas City Chiefs Travel To Their Home Away From Home To Face The Rams

There aren’t a lot of positive aspects to last week’s slaughtering in San Diego. The Kansas City Chiefs remained healthy except for Peter King’s MVP Matt Cassel but, other than that, the team looked horrible. Despite last Sunday, the Chiefs still can win out and clinch a playoff home game.

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The Buck Stops In Kansas City Versus The Arizona Cardinals

Well, if last Sunday wasn’t the perfect storm for suck. The bye-week was good to the Denver Broncos. I imagine that having to start their break fresh off a loss to the San Francisco 49ers in London wasn’t easy but they got healthy, they were prepared and the Broncos were the better coached team than the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Nick’s Chiefs Briefs: Week 7

I think we have a decent idea of where the Kansas City Chiefs are at now. They certainly can beat bad teams, and they can hang in with good teams. Good thing for the Chiefs that there are a lot of bad teams on their schedule. It does seem like there are a few too many over-confident fans and commentators.

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Ryan O'Callaghan, Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Final 53-Man Roster

Nearly 3 hours after the NFL deadline for every NFL team to reach the 53-man roster, the Kansas City Chiefs have announced their final cuts.

13 players were cut along with Jeremy Urban and Maurice Leggett being placed on the Injury Reserve. Urban’s injury is a mystery, with details to come.

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Jackie Battle, Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Final 53: 1st Draft

So before the Kansas City Chiefs make their final cuts on Saturday, I’ve decided to bring you the first of a few versions of the Chiefs final 53 man roster. Of course, there will likely be some waiver pickups before it’s all said and done, but these are the guys I want wearing the Red and Gold…for now. The order in which the players appear will be where I want them on the depth chart.

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