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Jackie Battle v. Buccaneers

5 Reasons the Raiders could beat the Chiefs

When the 2011 NFL season began, what did you expect the Kansas City Chiefs’ record to be heading into the week 6 bye?

I have a strong feeling many fans expected 2-3 or 3-2, not much better, not much worse. In my Read on »

Jared Allen Sacks Matthew Stafford Week 3 2011

5 Reasons the Vikings could beat the Chiefs

Week 3 in San Diego was exteremely deflating for Chiefs fans. While the Chargers never trailed in the game, the Cheifs found themselves with a solid opportunity to drive 66 yards with 1:24 remaining, score a touchdown and win the game.

At that point, even

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Kansas City Chiefs, Branden Albert helping to raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation

Branden and the Chiefs Tight End, Leonard Pope, will be hosting a Charity Bowling Event, on November 2nd, with a portion of the proceeds going to Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Jamaal Charles Custom Cover for Madden 11

Playing as the Kansas City Chiefs on Madden 11

EA Sports’ Madden is by far the most successful sports video game franchise, selling around 90 million copies to NFL fans since 1988. This year’s addition, Madden 11, is being played offline and online by countless NFL and Kansas City Chiefs fans.

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The Kansas City Chiefs Will Depend Heavily on Jamaal Charles in 2010

The Five Most Important Players for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2010

The Kansas City Chiefs are not the most talented team in the league, or probably even in the AFC West. This week, I focus on the individual players. For the Chiefs to have success this year, these are the ones that must play well.

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Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Command Blogger Predictions

Welcome to the 1st annual Chiefs Command Kansas City Chiefs Predictions! Each Chiefs Command blogger and contributor was asked to give their predictions for the upcoming Kansas City Chiefs season in a variety of categories. We expect you, the reader, to call us out for flip-flopping later in the season if we do so without giving supporting evidence or apologies!!

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