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Casell tackled by Raider

The Future Starts Now

The Kansas City Chiefs are bad.  Let’s get that out of the way first.  This team has not had a lead in regulation once all season.  The only lead the Chiefs had was when they kicked the field goal to beat the New Orleans Saints. 

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Cassel Down



Classless, sickening, pathetic, and sad were supposed to be words I would use to describe the Chiefs play this week, but instead I have to turn those words in another direction.  After another dismal performance by the Kansas City Chiefs offense I was prepared

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From Tebowing to DUH, Quinning in Denver

After just one start this season Tim Tebow took the league by storm with his 15 point comeback, and then started the next social media craze called “Tebowing”.  After a  sideline discussion with coach John Fox, Tebow took a knee and said a short prayer. 

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Charlie Weis Chiefs 2010

What are the Chiefs missing?

I simply cannot explain why the Chiefs are so bad.  How can a team, that lost relatively few players and staff, be so bad this year?  I will break down each different staffing area of the team to see if we can find out what

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