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Week 15 NFL: Against the Spread

The Rest of the NFL Against the Spread… Check out my week 15 parlay.


  • New York Giants -5 1/2: 88% of bettors like the Giants over the Redskins. I see no reason to go

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Super Bowl XLIII

5 Reasons the Steelers could beat the Chiefs

Watching the Monday Night Football matchup of the New England Patriots at the Kansas City Chiefs, Chiefs fans experienced excitement and optimism as the Chiefs took an early 3-0 lead over the Patriots with Tyler Palko leading the Chiefs at quarterback.

That excitement and optimism

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Smart Gambling Tips

Smart Gambling Tips

The first smart gambling tip you should learn is a NFL game starting line. It starts with the Home team at -3 visitor team +3. Once the two teams are plugged into the spread system machine it will then create the line

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Matt Cassel v. Indainapolis Colts NFL week 5 2011

Kansas City Chiefs Schedule: Bye Week Re-Run

With the bye week upon the Kansas City Chiefs, this is the perfect time to re-evaluate the remainder of the Kansas City Chiefs schedule and the possibility of a legitimate playoff run and push for an AFC West title.


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Dirk Nowitzki and Tony Romo

Romo’s Heart vs. Dirk’s Ring

Being a Dallas resident, I have to listen to Dallas Cowboys talk year round.  For an awesome couple of months I had the pleasure of hearing nothing about the Cowboys due to the lockout and the great run by the Dallas Mavericks.  The star of

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Eric Weddle intercepts Matt Cassel week 3 2011

#Suck4Luck Campaign Needs to End

Chiefs fans,

Have you given up all hope already? Have you already jumped ship and lost all hope in this season? As a true Chiefs fan, I have yet to give up hope. Sure, the Chiefs are 0-3. So are the Dolphins, Rams, and Vikings, and

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