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First Thing’s First: Register on Chiefs Command

We don’t want spammers cluttering up with BS fake blog posts!

See that box to the right? Click “Register” and enter a username, your email address and a password twice. You will be registered and automatically logged in. You will also receive an email with your account information.

Pick a Day/Time for Your Scheduled Blog Post

Pick an AVAILABLE time slot in the blog schedule, and send us an email in the form at the bottom of this page to let us know you want it.

Current schedule with open time slots:

  • Monday 9am – Lukas Wigington
  • Monday 1130am – AVAILABLE
  • Monday 5pm – Bryce Merckling
  • Tuesday 9am – Carlos Garate
  • Tuesday 11:30am – AVAILABLE
  • Tuesday 5pm – Sterling L. Brown
  • Wednesday 9am – Andy Kelley
  • Wednesday 11:30am – AVAILABLE
  • Wednesday 5pm – Jason Carey
  • Thursday 9am – Brandon Prewitt
  • Thursday 11:30am – AVAILABLE
  • Thursday 5pm – Jake Bryan
  • Friday 9am – Travis Pflanz
  • Friday 1130 – Michael Parr
  • Friday 5pm – Tony Southcotte
  • Saturday 9am – Brian Cenci
  • Saturday 11:30am – Travis Pflanz
  • Saturday 5pm – Kyle Squires
  • Sunday 9am – Joshua Simpson
  • Sunday 11:30am – Travis Pflanz (Chiefs/opponent inactives)
  • Sunday Afternoon/Evening (normally) – Chiefs Game Recap – AVAILABLE

Please Note: All new bloggers will be required to submit their posts for review by an editor 12 hours before they are scheduled to publish. Once a new blogger has shown that their posts need little or no editing and they are able to complete all the blog post requirements, they will be allowed to schedule and publish their own blog posts

Watch the How-to Videos of Requirements for Scheduled Bloggers

We expect a little more from our scheduled bloggers than we do from guest bloggers… But that’s good, right? Be sure to watch all the videos to know what we expect!

Additional Requirements for Scheduled Bloggers

  • Contribute on Chiefs Command by commenting on EVERY post made on You don’t need to log in every day, but every other day or so to read and comment on articles. Conversation breeds conversation. The more engaged and interested we are with each other’s posts, the more likely casual readers are to join in on the conversation. Scheduled bloggers are automatically sent an email when a new post is published.
  • Promote Chiefs Command by sharing your own and other Chiefs Command articles on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and any others you may use. Also, contribute on the Chiefs Command Facebook page →
  • Submit additional posts as often as you like… You can NEVER submit too many! See breaking news? Be one of the first to get your opinion about it in writing!

Send Chiefs Command an Email

Send an email with your desired day/time schedule or if you have any questions.





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