Predator Of The Prairie Podcast: Episode 9


Predator of the Prairie Podcast: Episode 9

Podcast notes

Segment 1 Intro, Gut reaction, Pregame Keys/Postgame Locks, show over view (01:15)

  •  Gut Reaction
  • Pre Game Keys Post Game Locks
  • Show overview

Break (14:31)

Segment 2 Game Recap (24:58)

Game Recap w/ Live mix by DJ Hylanda

Break (24:59)

Segment 3 Offensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (25:04)

  • Offensive Overview & Breakdown
  • QB Play and numbers
  • RB play and numbers
  • WR/TE play and Numbers
  • OL play

Break (38:15)

Segment 5 Guest , guest on phone Chiefs Command Blogger Michael Parr (39:50)

  • (Intro Guest Mike Parr) Chiefs Command Blogger and Predator of the Prairie contributor
  • Blog post reflection
  • Game Reaction
  • Donkeys  vs. Chiefs , what does it mean for the AFC West race (for either team)
  • How safe is Matt Cassel (job security vs. oline)?

Break (55:50)

Segment 6 Defensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (57:00)

  • Defensive Overview & Breakdown
  • DL play and numbers
  • LB play and numbers
  • DB play and numbers
  • ST/K play and numbers Field position analysis

Break (1:11:11)

Segment 7 Guest, on phone, Carrington Harrison KCSP 610AM (1:12:25)

  • Are the Chiefs capable to compete from an overall talent perspective (are our personnel losses that BIG?)
  • What’s the bigger problem, offensive play calling in the passing game, lack of effective running game or overall o-line play?
  • Who is the bigger disappointment, Matt Cassel or Todd Haley, on a day like today?
  • I believe the defense played well enough to win the game.  Did they in your eyes?
  • What’s your take in reaction to this statement: Winning in the NFL comes down to who’s quarterback makes the biggest/most biggest plays in any given game.
  • On the Touchdown to Decker? Is that the kind of play that the Chiefs can call an example of how they miss Eric Berry?
  • After seeing D Bowe’s catch in Indy, I didn’t think I’d see a more unbelievable catch by a Chiefs receiver.  What you think about that Baldwin catch; Did I see one today?
  • Who are the personnel liabilities for the Chiefs, in their various positions?
  • The Chiefs are cooked? Right? How can they make it a decent season considering their upcoming    schedule?

High Five questions

  1. Whats ur fav bbq spot in Kansas City, if you have one?
  2. Who is your favorite play by play commentator to listen to and why?
  3. How far do the Chiefs eventually rise in draft order because of their final record this season? What range of picks?
  4. What food flavor would you equate the Chiefs offense too?
  5. Despite the 4 game/long gone win streak, is Todd Haley’s jobs safe if this season falls apart record wise?

(Break 1:34:41)

Segment 5  Coaching Corner(1:36:37)

  • Offensive play calling
  • Defensive play calling
  • Head Coach

Break (1:46:11)

 Segment 8 Player of the Game, and outro (01:47:59)

Player of the Game-NOBODY!!!!

Final Take-Why no Bye, Bye Rally beard?!! NE preview take

Next Week Corie Henry “in studio” plus other guests

End of Broadcast (01:36:56)

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