Predator Of The Prairie Podcast Episode 7


Segment 1 Intro, Gut reaction, Pregame Keys/Postgame Locks, show over view (01:00)

  • Gut Reaction
  • Pre Game Keys Post Game Locks
  • Show overview

Break (09:10)

Segment 2 Game Recap (09:30)

  • Game Recap w/ Live mix by DJ Hylanda

Break (23:58)

Segment 3 Offensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (24:04)

  • Offensive Overview & Breakdown
  • QB Play and numbers
  • RB play and numbers
  • WR/TE play and Numbers
  • OL play

Break (37:03)

Segment 4 Defensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (38:01)

  • Defensive Overview & Breakdown
  • DL play and numbers
  • LB play and numbers
  • DB play and numbers
  • ST/K play and numbers Field position analysis

Break (51:56)

Segment 5  Coaching Corner(52:56)

  • Offensive play calling
  • Defensive play calling
  • Head Coach

Break (1:01:35)

Segment 6 Guest , guest Darren Johnson: Hosts of The AFC West Show(1:02:36)

  • (Intro Guest) AFC West Show 690AM San Diego pst Thurs evenings 8pm and on blogtalkradio 8pm Tuesdays and Thursday…used to cover Raiders w/ Napa Valley Register……Always lived in AFC west towns and that’s where the show
  • Guest (on Phone) The Johnson Boys Darren from “The west coast”
  • Chiefs v. Chargers rivalry (west coast perspective)
  • Game Reaction
  • Rivers Headaches vs. Norv’s Problems (you asked me on your show about Haley I want to ask about Norv)
  • Chargers’ Future, GB  in SD next  + AFC West Outlook-What is you guys’ perspective on how the standings breakdown as far as who is technically first?
  • How can people access your show?  Any other methods besides BlogTalkRadio?

Break (01:21:35)

Segment 7 Guest, on phone, Johnny “The Freak” Renshaw, Houston Chronicle and 1450AM The Sports Buzz Louisville (1:22:34)

  • (Intro Guest Johnny Renshaw) Former 810AM sports talk figure in KC Maryland Grad—Hale Arena Story
  • Chargers vs. Chiefs , what does it mean for the AFC West race (for either team)
  • Haley-The Cardiac Chiefs
  • If Haley goes, who would be best candidate in your mind to come in?
  • How safe is Cassel? Is he worth anything for trade Now or offseason?
  • Romeo Crennel
  • Philip River’s Fumbled Snap
  • Miami Dolphins Vs. Chiefs @ Arrowhead preview….Classic Trap game?

High Five questions

  1. Do You Miss Kansas City?
  2. Who Do you think will win the AFC West?
  3. Is Your Book going to have a significant amount of Chiefs in it for the date Oct 31, 2011?
  4. On your new show you do a lot of Freestyle Rhyming.  What would be your emcee name or the name of your HipHop crew?
  5. Fan question from Ben Hendricks off of twitter:  Do you prefer Bullfights on Acid or Skinny Skiing?

Break 01:47:11

Segment 8 Player of the Game, and outro (01:48:14)

  • POTG-Jonathan Baldwin-His touchdown was the result of the QB who made the biggest ply in the game, and he was so solid giving the Chiefs a presence in the middle of the field last night out of his hybrid H-Back/TE position
  • Honorable mention Kendrick Lewis INT & Fum Rec when he was covering Gates, he covered well enough!!!
  • Next Week Mike “The Thrill” Hill from ESPN and ESPN Radio, and Jason Delodovici from West Coast Wrap & Corie Henry “in studio”

End of Broadcast (01:54:32)

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