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Predator Of The Prairie Podcast: Episode 14


Predator of the Prairie Podcast: Episode 14

Predator of the Prairie Podcast notes

Segment 1 Intro, Gut reaction, Pregame Keys/Postgame Locks, show over view (:48)

Gut Reaction

Pre Game Keys Post Game Locks

Show overview

Break (10:40)

Segment 2 Offensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (11:40)

Offensive Overview & Breakdown

QB Play and numbers

RB play and numbers

WR/TE play and Numbers

OL play

Break (23:18)

Segment 3 Defensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis  (25:15)

Defensive Overview & Breakdown

DL play and numbers

LB play and numbers

DB play and numbers

ST/K play and numbers Field position analysis

Break (38:38)

Segment 4 Interview w/ Carrington Harrison KCSP 610AM on phone (40:08)

Chiefs win, from, what you saw, how did they do it?

Talk About Kyle Orton’s Play.

Does he Have a chance to be on the roster next year if he leads this team to two more wins?

Does Romeo have some leverage to get the head Coaching job with this win, or rather, how much?

Assess the AFC West race right now.

You get two game balls to give out for this game.  Who get’s ‘em?

(Break 54:50)

Segment 5 Guest (by Phone) C.D. Angeli  Host of Cheesehead radio on  www.cheeseheadtv.com Green Bay, WI (56:28)

What does this loss do for CheeseHead nation?

31st ranked team on defense, are you all soft?

Did the Chiefs expose GB at the wrong time (close to the playoffs)? O line injuries heat on QB

Any fear GB can’t get up for your next divisional game at home next week?

When I was on your show, I heard some high score predictions.  And you said some folks have been hard critics in early returns. You hit some fans hard on twitter for bashing the Packers’ play today?  Are the fans feeling entitled?

(Break 01:13:58)

Segment 6  Coaching Corner, Player of the Game, and outro


Offensive play calling

Defensive play calling

Head Coach /general manager

Final Take

Player of the Game Derrick Johnson -!!!!

Hon. Mention-Kyle Orton

upcoming Schedule, playoff prospects (OMG)

Next Week Corie Henry “in studio” plus other guests

End of Broadcast (01:32:32)

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