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Predator Of The Prairie Podcast: Episode 13


Predator of the Prairie Podcast: Episode 13

Podcast notes

Segment 1 Intro, Gut reaction, Pregame Keys/Postgame Locks, show over view (:50)

Gut Reaction

Pre Game Keys Post Game Locks

Show overview

Break (12:21)

Segment 2 Offensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (14:29)

Offensive Overview & Breakdown

QB Play and numbers

RB play and numbers

WR/TE play and Numbers

OL play

Break (24:00)

Segment 3 Defensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis  (24:54)

Defensive Overview & Breakdown

DL play and numbers

LB play and numbers

DB play and numbers

ST/K play and numbers Field position analysis

Break (36:36)

Segment 5 Interview w/ Nick Wright KCSP 610AM on phone (40:07)

Did the Chiefs Offseason officially starting today?

Was this game a firing offense for Haley?

How long till we see Ricky Stanzi?

Comment on this statement, the Chiefs got what they deserved because the roster is almost, to a man, the same as last year’s team

Justin Houston was a factor again today, making plays.  Talk about his play.

RGIII won the Heisman, if we don’t take him or have the chance, who should be the QB choice in the draft for KC?  If no QB, then what position becomes highest priority to fill in the draft?

You do a lot of charity work in the community promoting literacy, and I appreciate that; so will you come to the school I work for and read to some of our middle schoolers?

You vs. Sam Mellinger in an MMA-style  match for charity.  He said he would smash you.  Would you take him on?

Break (53:20)

Segment 5 Coaching Corner (55:15)

Offensive play calling

Defensive play calling

Head Coach /general manager

Break (01:08:50)

Segment 6 Player of the Game, and outro (01:10:57)

Final Take

Green Bay Take

Player of the Game Derrick Johnson -!!!!

Hon. Mention-??

Next Week Corie Henry “in studio” plus other guests

End of Broadcast (01:24:41)



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