Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs

Predator Of The Prairie Podcast: Episode 11


Predator of the Prairie Podcast: Episode 11

Podcast notes       KC Chiefs Podcast, High Quality-All the Time on Chiefs Command

Segment 1 Intro, Gut reaction, Pregame Keys/Postgame Locks, show over view (:30)

Gut Reaction

Pre Game Keys Post Game Locks

Show overview

Break (13:01)

Segment 2 Offensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis w/ Corie Henry (14:00)

Offensive Overview & Breakdown

QB Play and numbers

RB play and numbers

WR/TE play and Numbers

OL play

Break (27:24)

Segment 3 Defensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis  w/ Corie Henry(29:16)

Defensive Overview & Breakdown

DL play and numbers

LB play and numbers

DB play and numbers

ST/K play and numbers Field position analysis

Break (43:36)

Segment 4 Guest , guest on phone Jaycie Pierson Former KC Chiefs DB and 610 Radio Contributor (43:52)

(Intro Guest Jaycie Pierson) College FB Analyst FOX, And 610 Sports Contributor

  • Game Reaction
  • Should Chiefs fans be to be represented this way on national TV?
  • How many more losses like this spell doom for Haley as Head Coach?
  • When you played, what was the biggest difference you see in the Chiefs Locker room? The  Biggest difference in the fan base?
  • People are crushing D Bowe for his effort on the last past from Palko but it looked to me like it was thrown wide and high over his head.  From your on field experiences, was that a play of lack of effort or a play where he might have recognized the futility of getting to that pass, as bad as it may have been?
  • Could you please explain to our listeners the difference of these coverages, man under, bracket and cover 2 cloud? As I seem to see the Chiefs playing more of this year with the loss of impact personnel that keeps them from playing a lot more man.
  • Any Bright spots in this game for the Chiefs in the D Backfield?
  • How long/ how many performances like this from Palko before we see Ricky Stanzi?

Break (59:10)

Segment 5  Coaching Corner w/ Corie Henry (01:00:12)

Offensive play calling

Defensive play calling

Head Coach /general manager

Break (01:16:31)

Segment 6 Guest, on phone, KC Star Columnist Sam Mellinger (01:18:29)

  • Intro Sam Mellinger KC Star Columnist
  • Ebb and flow for a season is common, but its been more ebb than flow.
  • What do you know about Kyle Orton? Can he give some consistency to the position so KC coaching staff can truly and fairly evaluate the rest of the offensive personnel?
  • Do you think depth is a major, major issue?
  • If in fact the slate gets wiped clean here in KC who do you think is a best fit to patrol the sidelines next season?
  • What do you think of RGIII?
  • What other positions and/or players should the Chiefs target in the draft next year; top three positions of need in order?

High 5 Questions

  1. Did you read or do you currently like Jason Whitlock’s work?
  2. IF you were an X-Man what would be your power? Explain
  3. When you’re writing a Chiefs related column do you feel more free to contemplate before or while you write or do you use stream of consciousness to more channel your gut reaction?
  4. Over under on total number of packers fans in the stands next home game?
  5. What is the first big personnel move the Chiefs make in the off season?
  6. Bonus Question: Would you fight Nick Wright in a MMA style match if all pledges/bets/winnings go to charity?

 Break (01:38:13)

Segment 7 Player of the Game, and outro (01:40:04)

Thanks to Guests

Player of the Game-Corie talks me into giving it to the Kicker!!!!

Hon. Mention Derrick Johnson

Final Take

Next Week Corie Henry “in studio” plus other guests

End of Broadcast (01:50:27)

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