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Predator of the Prairie Podcast: Episode 10


Predator of the Prairie Podcast: Episode 10

Podcast notes

Segment 1 Intro, Gut reaction, Pregame Keys/Postgame Locks, show over view (01:10)

Gut Reaction

Pre Game Keys Post Game Locks

Show overview

Break (15:00)

Segment 2 Game Recap (18:35)

Game Recap w/ Live mix by DJ Hylanda

Break (26:24)

Segment 3 Offensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (28:00)

Offensive Overview & Breakdown

QB Play and numbers

RB play and numbers

WR/TE play and Numbers

OL play

Break (39:16)

Segment 4 Defensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (41:52)

Defensive Overview & Breakdown

DL play and numbers

LB play and numbers

DB play and numbers

ST/K play and numbers Field position analysis

Break (54:16)

Segment 5 Guest , guest on phone Kevin Keitzman Sports Radio 810 WHB(56:39)

  • (Intro Guest Kevin Keitzman) Sports Radio 810 WHB Between The Lines Host, Iconic KC sports talk Figure
  • Game Reaction
  • How embarrassed should chiefs fans be to be represented this way on national tv?
  • How many more losses like this spell doom for Haley as Head Coach?
  • Assuming that Bill Muir is a one year O.C., is Romeo out the door with any pending or potential head coaching change?
  • With the Chiefs losing how long does the losing streak go?
  • Where has Pioli Hit on in his player acquisition?
  • Any Bright spots in this game for the Chiefs?
  • How long/ how many performances like this from Palko before we see Ricky Stanzi?
  • Pats win again. what does it mean for the AFC Playoff  race for them, are they back to their old ways? (for either team)
  • How did Union Broadcasting come about to become the leading Sports talk station in KC? What was the turning point for your team over there?

High 5 Questions

  1. With the Chiefs having already lost 4 games this year, while scoring only single digits, whats the over under on the 6 remaining games for how many more do they lose and score under 10 points?
  2. Your dream 5 other players in a dream 3 on 3 pickup game of basketball is…?
  3. Color the chiefs would turn their jerseys to if they ever tried a third color (based on how they’ve played?
  4. How many blackouts for the remaining Home games this season?
  5. What is your favorite platform to use your show for besides sports/major sports?

Bonus Question: Could you beat Danny Clinkscale worse in a arm wrestling match, 40 yard dash, or octagon style MMA match up for charity?

Break (01:22:52)

Segment 6  Coaching Corner(01:24:01)

Offensive play calling

Defensive play calling

Head Coach

Break (01:33:33)

Segment 7 Guest, on phone, Freddie Coleman, ESPN Radio (01:35:21)

  • Intro ESPNRadio Host SportsCenter Tonight, NFL on ESPN Radio Freddie Coleman
  • Was tonight indicative of what the Patriots would do to any team, or were the Chiefs just totally overmatched?
  • What is New England going to have to do from a Defensive Perspective to shore things up headed into the playoffs despite their performance tonight?
  • If in fact the slate gets wiped clean here in KC who do you think is a best fit to patrol the sidelines next season and be under center?
  • What do you think of RGIII?
  • In your opinion, was New England in the mode of just trying to get by this game, or was there really a determined effort to beat the Kansas City Chiefs?
  • What other positions and/or players should the Chiefs target in the draft next year, based off some teams you’ve covered?
  • Adult Sportscaster’s Institute at Hofstra University, are you still involved with that program?
  • Michael Coleman is a guest mentor with you in that program; would you give us a nugget about him?
  • Does Mel Kiper Jr’s hair really stay that stiff?

Break (01:57:43)

Segment 8 Player of the Game, and outro (01:59:40)

Thanks to Guests

Player of the Game-NOBODY!!!!

Mentions Derrick Johnson and Dwayne Bowe

Final Take (organizational introspection & Do we spend money?)

Next Week Corie Henry “in studio” plus other guests

End of Broadcast (02:07:48

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