Carson Palmer Interception v. Chiefs 2011 NFL Week 7

Predator of the Prairie: Episode 6


Episode 6 of the “Predator of the Prairie” podcast with host Sterling Brown.

Kansas City Chiefs win in week 7 over the Oakland Raiders. The Chiefs head into week 8 against the San Diego Chargers at 3-3 and looking for a 1st place tie in the AFC West on Halloween night in San Diego!

Segment 1 Intro, Gut reaction, Pregame Keys/Postgame Locks, show over view (00:57)

  • 3 min Gut Reaction
  • 3 min Pre Game Keys Post Game Locks
  • 2 min Show overview
  • Break (09:23)

Segment 2 Game Recap (09:30)

  • Game Recap w/ Live mix by DJ Hylanda
  • Break (23:37)

Segment 3 Offensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (23:48)

  • 4 min Offensive Overview & Breakdown
  • 3 min QB Play and numbers
  • 2 min RB play and numbers
  • 2 min WR/TE play and Numbers
  • 2 min OL play
  • Break (36:03)

Segment 4 Defensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (38:52)

  • 4 min Defensive Overview & Breakdown
  • 3 min DL play and numbers
  • 3 min LB play and numbers
  • 3 min DB play and numbers
  • 3 min ST/K play and numbers Field position analysis
  • Break (51:59)

Segment 5 Coaching Corner(53:23)

  • 2 min Offensive play calling
  • 2 min Defensive play calling
  • 3 min Head Coach
  • Break (1:00:39)

Segment 6 Guest, on phone, Nick Wright KCSP 610 AM Radio-Kansas City (1:02:34)

  • (Intro Guest Nick Wright) Syracuse Grad, growing into most polarizing sports talk figure in KC
  • Raiders vs. Chiefs , what does it mean for the AFC West race (for either team)
  • Your Story Broken re: Haley
  • If Haley goes, who would be best candidate in your mind to come in?
  • How safe is Cassel? Is he worth anything for trade Now or offseason?
  • Is/was Baldwin super secret suspended by Haley as a “as soon as you get healthy” consequence for his fight with T Jones?
  • When Aaron Curry was traded, is that vindication for Pioli picking T Jax?
  • Is AFC West leaving us behind with our stagnant off season/in season moves? This is same team as last year, right?
  • High Five questions
  • Are you addicted to twitter?
  • Who is ur favorite guest you have on ur show, regular contributor national or local
  • IS the naming rights story dead?
  • On ur show we chatted about LBJ being a great tight end, who would be your top 5 NBA converts to the NFL during the NBA lockout (other than LBJ) position and maybe team?
  • Are you really any good at flag football (rivals top 150 ranked) flag football players?
  • Break 01:29:44

Segment 7 Guest, Raider Greg : Host Raider Nation Podcast(1:31:20)

  • (Intro Guest) Arm Wrestling story
  • Guest (on Phone) Raider Greg Live from “The Black Hole”
  • Chiefs v. raiders rivalry (west coast perspective)
  • Game Reaction
  • Contract Extension For Campbell vs. Carson Palmer
  • Raiders Future
  • AFC West Outlook
  • Break (01:46:23)

Segment 8 Player of the Game, and outro (01:46:36)

End of Podcast (01:49:08)

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  • No offense but I get the feeling that the members of this site think Im too long winded…

    Hey ya’ll give me some feedback on this show. How could it be better? What do you guys want to hear, or see different?

    You a blogger? Wanna be a guest on the show? hint, hint…if you hit me up, I’ll hit you up.

  • Sorry, I don’t believe Nick is really “that good” at flag football!

  • Interesting to hear from Raider Greg that Raider Nation really loves Jason Campbell as much as they do. That fact shocks me a little.

  • Good stuff! Quote of the Podcast “He was staaaaankin”. Is it me or do all Raider fans sound high?

  • They are ALL high, I mean really high. you gotta huff glue to feel better after an a$$ beating like the one we gave ‘em

  • ‘Ol gravelly-voiced, meat-head Sterling! Good to hear ya man! Love what you’re doing, even though the Chiefs are booody!

  • Just confirmed…Mike “The Thrill” Hill of ESPN will be a guest on the next episode…Lifting as we Rise here at the Predator of the Prairie Podcast

    @ Nelson Evans, I will take your “Chiefs are boooody” comment, since you are always talking out of your a$$!!! I hear that Cedar Rapids is breaking ground for a new training facility for their USFL franchise….nitwit

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