Jackie Battle v. Colts 2011 week 5

Predator of the Prairie: Episode 5


Episode 5 of the “Predator of the Prairie” podcast with host Sterling Brown.

Kansas City Chiefs win in week 5 over the Indianapolis Colts. The Chiefs head into the bye week at 2-3.

Podcast notes

Segment 1 Intro, Gut reaction, Pregame Keys/Postgame Locks, (0:49)

  • Gut Reaction
  • Pre Game Keys Post Game Locks

Segment 2 Game Recap (8:08)

Break (17:55)

Segment 3 Offensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (19:22)

  • Offensive Overview & Breakdown
  • QB Play and numbers
  • RB play and numbers
  • WR/TE play and Numbers
  • OL play

Break (31:49)

Segment 4 Defensive Breakdown with Numbers analysis (33:55)

  • Defensive Overview & Breakdown
  • DL play and numbers
  • LB play and numbers
  • DB play and numbers Brandon Flowers..step up! Sustained Drives=big plays too
  • ST/K play and numbers

Break (45:55)

Segment 5 Al Davis (47:59)

Break (50:04)

Segment 6 Guest Corie Henry; NFL Agent, CEO FUL Movement Sports, D bowe player of the game, D
Bowe Contract discussion(50:56)

  • (Intro Guest Corie Henry)
  • Guest (on Phone) Corie Henry NFL Agent, Color Commentator WeFAN Radio, CEO FUL Movement
  • Sports Re: Game Reaction, POTG!!! Dwayne Bowe Performance, Contract Extension Talk for Bowe

Break (1:03:00)

Segment 7 Guest, in studio, Alejandro G.-NFL super fan AFC West games breakdown Oak v AZ, SD vs.
Den, MNF Preview and Picks, Chiefs into Bye week into RAIDER week!! (1:040:00)

  • (Intro in-studio guest Alejandro G.) the consummate NFL fan. No team affiliation
  • Raiders vs. Cardinals & Chargers vs. Broncos AFC West clashes
  • Preview of Monday night Game Bears vs. Lions. Picks
  • Chiefs vs. Colts WIN into Bye week Then Raider Week!!! (Well, it kinda starts NOW!!)

End 1:18:00

  • Check out my version of the Game Recap. It’s pretty nasty. It’s going to be come a staple of the podcast for us. it’s my way to call Chiefs games, legally. since I can’t post my game calls without permission from the various entities…or until they give me a job. This is the first incarnation of it, from now on it’s gonna be called the game remix….You’ll see why!

  • Sterling L. Brown jumping on the “Brandon Flowers is over-rated bus.” I’m driving the bus.

    The local and national media boosting up Flowers as the star in this secondary kills me.

    Flowers has NEVER shut-down a #1 WR… Utt ohh… He was on the #2 WR last week against Indy and still got burned…

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