The way the west was won

Over the past few seasons the AFC West has been regarded as one of the leagues weakest divisions and for good reason.  But that does not stop fans of AFC West teams from being excited about the 3 way race atop the division.  The Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers all have 4-3 records and are tied for the division lead.  I made some predictions last week and for the most part I am sticking to them, but a few things have changed.  The Chiefs and Chargers game showed me that these two teams may have been passing by each other, and this game was meeting in the middle.  I think these clubs are going in opposite directions right now.

The Chiefs have the Dolphins and Broncos up next which could very well lead to them being 6-3 going into New England.  The Chargers have Green Bay and Oakland, which could easily put them at 4-5 if they do not get it together.  I still think the Chargers are going to be difficult to beat for many teams, but the Raiders and Chiefs have proved that they are out to win the west.

So this week we have the Chiefs and Dolphins.  My prediction: Chiefs 24 Dolphins 20.  I would not be surprised to see the Dolphins give Kansas City a very tough game as they have done throughout a lot of games this year, but at home, the Chiefs should pull this one off.

San Diego and Green Bay will square off and this is one of those games where you are almost certain that there is no way the San Diego can beat a undefeated Packers team so I am going to go way out on a limb and call for the huge upset: Chargers 31 Packers 28

Oakland vs Denver in a game in which two teams are much different from the first time they met on the opening night of Monday Night Football.  Both teams are having issues at the QB position.  The Raiders in their last game made it clear that Carson Palmer is going to have to come in and play very well for them in order for Oakland to continue having success.  The Broncos are in major turmoil, not just at the QB position but across the board.  My prediction: Oakland 20 Denver 23

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  • I agree w/ your Chiefs Dolphins score. I can’t a
    shake the feeling of an uncomfortablely close game.

  • Sounds about right. The Chargers have always found a way to upset big teams as well. For a long time it seemed like they were the only ones that could beat the Manning era Colts consistently.

    I made a prediction last week though saying the Saints would blow out the Rams, so I can’t be trusted as an expert.

  • I think this is going to be a exciting week in the NFL. I cant wait to relax on Sunday and take it all in. I am going to post in a little while a new concern I have in the Chiefs Dolphins game.

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