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I’m sure all of you are tired of all of the items, ads, and shows that are themed for Thanksgiving but I have one more Thanksgiving themed article for you.  Since I only post on Monday’s you will just have to put up with it.

After having a great weekend with friends and family I was challenged at Church Sunday morning to write down what I’m thankful for.  This was a good Thanksgiving themed way to approach a Church service.  As my day went on I kept thinking about this, what I’m thankful for.  Then the Sunday night game started and I was preparing myself to watch a Steelers clinic as they would surely put the Chiefs away quickly and allow me to watch something else instead of the 2nd half.  To my surprise and probably the surprise of Tyler Palko, the Chiefs stayed in the game.  Palko threw 3 interceptions, lost 1 fumble, and was sacked 5 times.  These kind of stats are not rare for an inexperienced quarterback against the Steelers.  If you would have told me these stats prior to the start of the game I would have guessed the final score to be 38-6 or something to that tune.

The final however was 13-9 in the favor of the Steelers.  So as I watched this game into the 4th quarter the theme at Church again came up, what I’m thankful for.  For this game it was the defense and their relentless effort.  Usually when you say a team gave a great effort it means they just aren’t very good and at least they tried hard.  The Chiefs had every right and reason to fold last night but they didn’t.  After two straight blowouts and losing their starting QB for the year the Chiefs should have folded.  The Chiefs now have lost 3 pro bowlers from last year; Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles, and Matt Cassel.  If the Chiefs would have lost 24-10 I’m sure many Chiefs fans would have been happy.  Instead the defense stepped up despite having the offense turn the ball over 4 times and the Steelers offense spending more 33 minutes on the field.  The Steelers finished with 290 total net yards on offense.  That is less than 40 more than the Chiefs.

I know this season is lost and it is about rebuilding and deciding who stays and goes, but for this past week and hopefully the rest of the season I’m thankful for the effort and hard work the defense is putting in.

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  • Key to your article is 5 sacks, The O line needs help bad our team is pretty well put together when healthy, this year we need to focus on the O LINE!!!

  • I was so impressed with our defense! A big shout out to Hali. IF only the offense could have come up with a couple of big plays we could have could have come away with a win.

  • Nice article, Bryce. Matt Cassel did make the Pro Bowl, didn’t he? I don’t think the Chiefs are technically rebuilding anymore. I hope the Chiefs are not one of those teams that seem to be perpetually rebuilding like the Browns or the Rams but another season like this one and the Chiefs could be in that discussion.

    At some point, a real NFL team stops rebuilding and joins the league. The Chiefs did that last year. This could just be about semantics but I think the Chiefs stopped rebuilding last year. They will have to change the offensive coaching staff at the very least. There are a lot of pieces to be added in the draft but the Chiefs have enough built to come back to respectability next year. Here’s hoping one of the new pieces is a quarterback prospect with the last name Barkley or Griffin III.

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