There is no suck for Luck

Since the time that Andrew Luck entered his senior season at Stanford the NFL fans have already been thinking about the possibility of who might acquire this phenomenal Quarterback in next years draft.  Thus the “Suck for Luck” campaign has begun.  Through the first half of this NFL season we have heard this term from supporters of many different teams.  But here’s the problem.  There is no such thing as suck for Luck.

Let me explain.

When a professional football player takes the field they are going to go 100% regardless of what their record is.  No player or team is going to purposely play bad because they think the organization might get a high draft pick next season.  These guys have families, houses, bills, etc.  They are playing for their paycheck and their future.  In the NFL your life span can be very short lived as it is, so to even think that a player or team is going to “Suck for Luck” makes very little sense.

Lets take a look at two win-less teams in the Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams.  Both teams have had serious issues this season and have not yet won any games.  But even at that, these players are going to take the field, play as hard as they can, and try to win the next football game.  These players want to play in the NFL next year and if a coaching staff looks at a player and thinks he is giving up and not playing his best, then there is other guys waiting on the bench for an opportunity to step in.  If they play like that this year, who would want a player like that on any team next year?  My point is that NFL players do not play like that.  You would not go to your job on Monday morning and do the worst job possible because you think that if you do bad enough, that they might send you some help, no they probably would just send you packing.

My final thought from speaking about the St. Louis Rams is wondering if a team who has scored 56 points this season can stay within 30 points of a New Orleans Saints team who put up 62 points  in one game last week.

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  • That is my #1 point… Why would players intentionally play poorly?

    The only thing it will do is hurt their chances at getting an extension or a free agent contract, with the stigma they don’t play hard.

    In addition, you have to believe a player is more likely to get injured if they half-ass it…

  • You all really don’t get it. It’s not about the players doing less than their best. No professional team would ask their players to throw games. As a GM or an organization, it could be about pulling players away that, under normal circumstances, would fight through an injury and play some games. It could be about trying out some younger guys rather than allowing some veterans to play every down.

    Why would this be done? Because an organization like the Colts, the Rams, the Dolghins and a few others have a great chance at getting the most highly-touted quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning. Brian Billick has compared Luck to John Elway. This guy is a legit franchise quarterback prospect. Correct me if I am wrong, the quarterback is the most important position in the game and, if a team has one of the best quarterbacks in the league, they have a chance at going to the Super Bowl every year.

    If a team is not doing what it can to get closer to winning a Super Bowl, then what is it doing? I really don’t see what is so hard to get about this? The team that has Andrew Luck legitimately can build around him and, in a matter of a few years, could have a perennial Super Bowl champion.

    Sure, there could be hang-ups, there could be injuries but a team wouldn’t draft anyone or sign anyone if they thought there was a chance the player could get hurt. This game is about winning the Super Bowl and if you don’t want your team doing whatever it can to have the best chance to winning the Super Bowl and I am a fan of that same team, I wouldn’t want you cheering for the team I am cheering for.

    A thing like Sucking For (Insert Obvious Franchise Quarterback Prospect and Clear Consensus #1 pick and probably not a douche like Ryan Leaf) doesn’t happen every year. As a Chiefs fan, I thought the team would be set with him. Clearly, the team is not the worst in the league and that is okay. They can scout and draft other QB prospects.

    There are other QB prospects and then there is Andrew Luck and if you can’t see how much potential there is for a team to build around a player like Andrew Luck, then I can’t help you. Anyone who doesn’t want their team making every move and doing all they can to put their team in position to win the Super Bowl is a loser. This doesn’t involve asking the players not to try. The Dolphins, Rams, Colts are bad without asking them to suck.

    Fans that wouldn’t want Luck are a part of the Hunt family’s wet dream where you go 9-7, sell a bunch of tickets and never get to the big game. I just don’t get what is so difficult to get about the fact that fans have no bearing on how a team performs and are within their right to root for Luck to get drafted by their team and an organization can make the moves to keep a team on the field but make moves towards keeping their low status on their path to get Luck.

    Three years ago, the Chiefs were 2-14. They didn’t have to stop trying. They just needed an idiot coach running a Coastal Carolina offense for a crappy quarterback and field some of the worst defensive players in football off the street. They did that on their own, trying their hardest. The Chiefs reward: Tyson Jackson. An opportunity doesn’t come along like this very often. This is an exception for an exceptional player.

  • No, at first EVERYONE who supported Suck for Luck was saying teams should lose intentionally… Then, after others called out out idiotic that idea was, the Suck-for-Luckers started saying, “No, we just HOPE our teams sucks so we can draft Andrew Luck.”

  • I never said that the players should intentionally play poorly. I remember hearing the Suck 4 Luck concept on Opening Day and I thought it sounded stupid and something that didn’t apply to the Chiefs. Two weeks later after a 96-10 point ratio, it sounded like a good idea.

    I know that playing poorly on purpose gets hurt and, if you see the outcomes of the games, it is clear no team’s players are playing poorly on purpose. When teams hold out some of their players or go with other quarterbacks (like the Rams with AJ Feeley), the organization wants to lose. The players do not as they are playing for their jobs and that will not change.

    It is true that some organizations want Andrew Luck and they are entitled to go after him because there is no rules or lottery deterring them from doing so. It’s kind of amazing what the Colts are doing because they could potentially get Luck, have him learn with Manning and, when Manning is truly done, Luck will be ready to pick up where Manning left off. The Colts could potentially have a franchise QB at the helm for two to three decades.

    I can say for sure that I never was asking the Chiefs to suck on purpose. After two weeks, it was clear that they did it on their own thanks to a poorly mismanaged preseason regime. I am glad it didn’t last and I still think that the Chiefs should make the best offer they can to get Luck in April but, because Luck is so good, I think the price will be set very hign.

  • I realize you never said that on Chiefs Command, but that was the general suggestions from bloggers, weriters and sports radio personailites.

    Now, if the Chiefs (or any other team) has the 1st pick, yes, they should draft Luck… But it doesn’t make any sense at all for campaings a year ahead of time to tell teams which players they should draft… When only ONE teams will end up with that 1st pick.

  • True, if a team tries and falls short, getting the second pick, it would not have been worth it. The last place I wanted the Chiefs to be was in last place again. After the first two games and injuries to three key players it seemed that the Chiefs are in the running. Even if the Chiefs would have gotten the #1 pick that would have been miserable. Probably worth it in hindsight but still painful.

    I don’t know why people thought the players would tank games on purpose. I know Todd Haley wasn’t interested in doing so despite his poor preseason plan. The players had no intention of playing poorly on purpose either.

    As an organization, it is quite possible to meddle with a team in order to prevent winning and I wouldn’t begrudge a team for that if they did. Say Manning is actually ready to come back. He is still active and could play if he wanted to. Why would the Colts let him play? In the Dolphins case – is Chad Henne really done for the season?

    I doubt we are seeing much actual S4L moves but as it gets closer to the end of the season, some teams may pack away some guys that could get them the win if they were to play. It could very well start some kind of controversy or call for a draft lottery but something like this doesn’t happen every year because a franchise player like Andrew Luck doesn’t come around every year.

    I am glad that the Chiefs are out of the running because those days of the dismal Chiefs were just awful and there are a lot of games on the schedule I do not want the Chiefs to lose to. I did think the Chiefs were headed back into the cellar and I thought they might as well try to get something out of it because the team that drafts Luck will be closer to a Super Bowl than they were before the start of the 2011 season.

    It would have been a crap shoot to try and get him and it’s good to not have to endure that gauntlet for reasons including tomorrow night’s game.

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