Let the Search Begin!

Let the search begin!  Today the Kansas City Chiefs let coach Todd Haley go.  Haley is the second head coach to get the axe in the NFL this year.  Jack Del Rio of the Jacksonville Jaguars was the first.  Undoubtedly, names like Cowher and Jon Gruden will be thrown out as options.

However, the top choice of the Kansas City Chiefs should be Jeff Fisher.  Jeff Fisher was the head coach of the Houston Oiler/Tennessee Titans from 1994-2010.  In that time, Fisher went 142-120.  Fisher always ran a tight ship at the Titans, and his teams always played hard.

Scott Pioli will need to make a splash this time as it is more than likely his last chance to hire a head coach.  Pioli let Haley go to buy himself some time.  Whoever Pioli and the Chiefs hire, let’s hope they make an immediate impact.

The AFC West is winnable now and in the near future.  The Denver Broncos have a quarterback who I will not name since he gets enough press so I will just refer to him as the chosen one.  The chosen one is a runner, and if the Broncos build around him at any one moment the Broncos could be in trouble since running backs don’t last long.  Don’t count on a bruising runner at quarterback to last too many years either.  The San Diego Chargers window of opportunity gets smaller every year as they are getting older and thinner at every position.  Lastly, the Oakland Raiders are still run by someone with the last name Davis so they could draft 3 quarterbacks next year and no one would be surprised.

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  • I was so excited when we got Todd Haley and I am probably in the minority when I say I am not excited to see him go. I do agree Jeff Fisher or Bill Cowher would be at the top of my list. If Bill would come to Kansas City it would be like getting a new generation of Marty.

  • Lets be realistic, with Jamaal Charles out after game 2 and Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki out, Chiefs was already in trouble, Yes we won 10 games last year so more pressure was on Haley, what if we would have only won 8 games missed the playoffs and they wouldn’t of fired him. This season if healthy I do think the Chiefs would go 8-8 still could go 8-8 not realistic now but possible, I do think he was losing confidence in his players but once Cassel went down what else could have possible went wrong this year? The mistake Haley mad is not letting Cassel throw the ball 40 times a game as he did in NE. Chiefs are still strong in the WR column but he insisted on running the ball.

  • Please, Haley did more things wrong than right. Anyone who wants to blame his failures on injury is not watching the same league I am. Good coaching can overcome injuries. Go ask the Packers or the Texans if you think im lying. Haley’s “approach” in the offseason was terrible. Going to a Lil Wayne concert with players instead of preparing his team was terrible, not properly evaluating the playcalling fiasco in the preseason was terrible, continuing to retain Muir as OC after this absolutely horrible play calling skills was terrible. I agree, injuries at key positions hurts the team, BUT, we had a full and healthy squad for the Buffalo game minus Moeaki and got a prostate exam IN Arrowhead. How many tail whoopings are Chiefs fans going to take? Haley is responsible for 3 of the worst home losses in Arrowhead history. What happened to Arrowhead’s Mystique?
    sorry, the cons definitely outweigh the pros and I can list 3 times as many to prove my point.

  • Going to a concert on a team off night is not something to blame. What’s the difference if he goes to a concert or sits at home and watches TV? None!

    Injures is a big reason.

    Game-planning around Dexter McCluster is another reason.

  • Dedicated coaches don’t take nights off. Especially in a shortened off-season, your “approach” to the season is critical. We see what it did for his team. It speaks for itself.
    I question his talent evaluation skills in so many areas. I question is play calling skills and I also question his ability to adjust during games.
    Injuries are a part of the game, not an excuse to lose. If the “system” is suspect, it doesnt matter who you plug in, it wont work.
    Prime example. Going into the 1st round knockout that a winless Miami put on us, Jackie Battle was averaging 5 yards per carry. Explain only giving him the ball 8 times the entire Denver game. How can that possibly be justified.
    He said, himself, its his fault that his team was not prepared to play, he said he had a hard time adjusting during the Denver game. Isnt that what he was paid to do? You cant keep your job if you cant do what your job title entails. Thats not just the business of the NFL, thats business. period!

  • After that dumb comment by Mike Florio, every single ex-NFL head coach who is now an analyst said they took nights off from football.

    I agree that it was his fault the team was not ready to play, but nearly every analyst picked the Chiefs to win 6 or fewer games in 2011.

    One could make a very strong argument that 6 wins is a success after a team loses a pro-bowl QB, SS and RB, along with a young talented TE.

  • One could argue that, agreed. But one could also argue that every since Charlie announced that he was leaving, The Chiefs have not put together one single COMPLETE consistent offensive performance. We got rocked by Oakland and Baltimore to end the season and we never recovered. Wasnt his specialty offense? Even these “experts” have stated, 3 years, 3 different play callers in Cassel’s ear would cause any QB to be somewhat inconsistent. Im not a cassel advocate, but I tend to agree.

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