Over/Under set at 7

The official Over/Under is set at 7 for No. of times San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers is caught on camera whining during Monday Night Football this Halloween night agaisnt the Kansas City Chiefs in San Diego.

The line does not take into consideration whether or not the Chargers will be leading or trailing… Rivers is known to whine regardless of game situation…

Place your bets in the comments below!

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  • I agree with 7. He’s notorious for always having something to complain about. He’d probably complain about Tolbert rushing for a touchdown when he wanted to pass for it.

  • I used to not notice, until last season, but Peyton Manning is JUST as bad as Rivers when it comes to whining during a game.

  • LOL I hate to say it but I think he will be all smiles this week not sure the Chiefs can keep up with Chargers. I am hoping for the over on 7 thou. maybe he will actually cry

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