Darren McFadden v. Jets 2011

Oakland Raiders: 2011′s Chiefs

Very quietly the Oakland Raiders are positioning themselves to be this year’s version of the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2010 the Kansas City Chiefs and their dominant running game took the league by storm and came out with their first playoff appearance since 2006.  This year the Raiders are 2-1 with a tough loss to the Bills in Buffalo.

This loss is now looking much better after the Bills took down the mighty New England Patriots in week 3.  This week the Raiders beat a solid New York Jets team that has been to back to back AFC championship games.  This year Darren McFadden is leading the league in rushing by almost 50 yards and the Raiders are averaging 5.5 yards per carry as a team.

To compete with the San Diego Chargers, the Raiders defense will have to improve but their running game will definitely help this cause.  The Raiders will be looking for their first playoff appearance since 2002, when they went on to lose to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl.

In  week 4, the Raiders host the New England Patriots, then they travel to Houston to face the Texans.

If the Raiders can just win one of these two games, they will be set up nicely, as their next three games they will definitely be favored to win in all three.  The Raiders will have three straight home games against the Cleveland Browns, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Denver Broncos, with a BYE week in the middle.  If Oakland wins just one of their games in the next two weeks they could easily head into week 10′s Thursday night game in San Diego 6-2.

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  • Bryce, I think you may be right… and I think I would rather the Raiders win the AFC West over Denver and San Diego if the Chiefs are not the front-runners.

  • Travis, same here. I would be very happy if for two straight years the AFC West is not represented by Philip Rivers in the playoffs

  • Great article bryce

  • You gotta be kidding me, the raiders were better than the chiefs last year… hints why they beat them down twice.. the only reason the chiefs made it is because of their weak ass schedule. The Raiders were better than the chiefs last year and they are 10 levels above them this year.

  • Bryce read my newest Blog and then tell me if you think the Raiders are like Last years Chiefs, Raiders are for REal, they are beating teams that are good, Im not even a Raiders Fan Nor a Chiefs Fan, but it just goes to show your Football IQ with a post like that. Get the Homer out of your posts!

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