Al Davis: Passes Away at Age 82

I woke up this morning to a shocking bit of breaking news, long-time Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis has passed away. Now, there will likely be many different reactions to this tragedy. Al Davis has been on the blunt end of many jokes over the past 10 or so years. His ‘odd’ draft strategies, which seemed to always look something like Speed>Talent, his knack to seem to be the one guy out of 31 owners (stupid Packers) to disagree with the majority on pretty simple topics, and just his natural ability to just be a rebel all led to these jokes.

However, even as a die-hard Chiefs fan, you can’t help but to respect and recognize the contributions Al had on the NFL over his tenure.  He spent a lot of time as an Owner of the Oakland Raiders, but also was the commisioner of the AFL for a while. As many ‘analysts’ and ‘experts’ will say today, you have to respect the contributions he made during his tenure, and not look solely at the last 10 years.

From an Oakland Raiders standpoint, this will be a sad and crushing time for them. Anytime you lose someone who has been part of any organization, even outside of football, for the amount of time that Al was with the Raiders, it hurts. However, they will only benefit in the long run. I’m not here to bash Al Davis and talk about how him dying is a good thing for them (even though that has been one of the jokes of recent history), but it is pretty apparent that his draft strategies, as well as his ownership strategies, weren’t working anymore with the current style of football played in the NFL.

To all Oakland Raider fans, and to all NFL fans, I understand your sorrows and know that this is a sad time. Everyone in this world has their time, and this was Al’s time to go. As a fan, you can only hope that the next owner can take the team to the next level. On this day in history, I am sympathetic to all Oakland Raider fans, and wish them the best.


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