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The NFL Sunday Ticket: Expensive for Both Parties

We, as NFL fans, all have it in our minds that the NFL is out for our money; the $100 jerseys, the $200 tickets, the $8 beers and the $330 for DirecTv’s Sunday Ticket. Only in 2011 will NFL fans have the luxury of receiving the Sunday Ticket complimentary with their DirecTV subscription. It wasn’t until I started my new job that I learned that it costs DirecTv nearly 1 Billion dollars per year to bring you and I the Sunday Ticket.

Prior to their current agreement, other media providers were able to offer the Sunday Ticket as long as the NFL Network was also included in the programming. DirecTV has attained exclusive rights to the package which requires DirecTV to shell out 700 Million per year.

I was unable to locate the exact numbers as to how many subscribers the NFL Sunday Ticket has. In this economy I find it very hard to believe that DirecTv is making a substantial profit when it costs 1 Billion a year for exclusive rights to a package. That number doesn’t include advertising nor does it include additional costs to bring you the Sunday Ticket to your cell phone and computer. Not to mention the fact that so many viewers already have Dish Network as their provider.

The NFL Sunday Ticket has and will be DirecTv’s main selling point for new customers.  Like with cable providers, the NFL has also chosen not to air games that have been blacked out on the Sunday Ticket. Bummer. But don’t worry, there are other options. You can always go to the stadium yourself if the game has been blacked out. After you’ve paid for parking, concessions, tickets and gas-a game will cost you only around $330.

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  • I actually called and complained about new customers getting it for free and they gave me the ticket for $150. I suggest others to call, it was well worth it!

  • Yeah, you can bluff these companies. It is so cut-throat, they don’t want you to be unhappy and ditch them for Dish Network or Cable. I live in my team’s market so no need for the ticket just yet.

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