Seriously, I will never get tired of seeing a disappointed Philip Rivers.

The NFL Friday Five

Another Friday afternoon, another Friday Five to lead you into your weekend.
  1. For the first time in eight years, the Bengals won on the east coast. This severe skid was brought to an end this week when they trounced the hapless Seahawks 34 – 12.
  2. In my first prediction made on, I declared that the New Orleans Saints would annihilate the St. Louis Rams. Turns out I’m no Nostradamus, as the Rams would upset the Saints 31 – 21 for their first win of the year. In what I hope is the malevolent ability to curse any player or team by simply stating they will win, I predict the Raiders will beat the Broncos 42 – 3. I also believe that Matt Cassel is the next Peyton Manning.
  3. Facing the Eagles after a bye week might as well be counted as a loss before the season. Under Andy Reid, the Eagles are now 13 – 0 after the bye week.
  4. Defenses should take note: the less you blitz Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers, the more likely he is to make a bad throw. So far this season, his quarterback rating when passing against a 4 man rush or less has dropped to 55, which is 21st in the league. Most of his interceptions (7 of 11) have come while he isn’t being blitzed. Did we ever get an over/under on how many times he was shown on the sideline complaining? We said it would be 7 times, but to me, it looked like about 20.
  5. 5. Because the NFL was so weak on obscure NFL facts this week, here is a quick stat from the NCAA. This weekend against Oklahoma State, Baylor fought for 622 offensive yards, and still lost by 35 points.
Notice anything out of the ordinary in the league this week? Throw it in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.
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  • If the opposite of your predictions start taking place, I have a few more I’d like to add to that list. There should be some pretty good games this week in the NFL. Jets/Bills, Giants/Pats, Ravens/Steelers, Packers/Chargers, and Bears/Eagles.

  • Yeah, I have a whole long list of things I need to predict. I might write them down just to see how many outlandish things could happen.

  • That Baylor state reminds me of when Elvis Gorbachev threw for something like 500 yards against the Racket’s and the Chiefs still lost.

  • Yeah I remember a game a few years ago where Jake Plummer threw 499 yards and we lost to Atlanta.

    I think the thing that really got me was the score difference though. 35 points is nuts when you have two games worth of yardage.

  • State and Raiders is what I meant Google voice is garbage…anyway

    @Tony do happen to know the most yards by a team offensively that didn’t result in that team winning?

  • I’m trying to find something in the Super Bowl era for relevence. I know that in 2006, the Broncos lost to the Falcons after putting up 567 yards. I’m looking for a bigger one than that.

  • It is a lot easier to find the highest yards by a winning team, which was done in 1951 by the LA Rams. 722 total yards to 111. Playing the New York Yanks.

    The playoff game between the Packers and Cardinals from a few years back was in the high 400s. A lot of games were blowouts based on turnovers and short fields, not from airing it out. I’d be willing to bet Manning or Brady have a few pretty high yardage games with a loss attached to them.

  • Okay, I found one. Dan Marino and the Dolphins put up 584 Yards in a losing effort.

    New York Jets 44 at Miami Dolphins 30
    Sunday, October 23, 1988

    With that, my stats digging must end for the night.

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