Were Bruschi’s Comments on OchoCinco Warranted?

I don’t have to give an analysis as to the comments Teddy Bruschi made concerning Chad OchoCinco’s tweet. If there is one thing about NFL fans, they are up to date on what is going on around the league maybe a little too much. As a long time Bengals fan, let me make it clear that I was never a fan of Chad OchoCinco while he was in Cincinnati.

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Chad Ochocinco

Chad has made it obvious that he no longer wants to play professional football. Twitter, reality shows, Dancing with Stars, dating women on reality shows, playing soccer, alligator wrestling, bull riding, UStream; these are all clear indicators. Some may call it a lack of focus. I call it the craving of attention. The moment that perhaps sticks out the most in mind occurred the week before the 2010 WildCard game against the New York Jets. Instead of focusing on the upcoming PLAYOFF game, Chad was concerned about how to get in touch with Fireman Ed and how he could get him to Cincinnati. You want to help an opposing team’s fan gain access to the stadium?

Tedy, on the other hand, you never heard much about off of the field. On the field, he was fierce, intelligent and played thru the whistles. Most importantly, he made 5 Super Bowl appearances with the Patriots, earning himself 3 Super Bowl Rings. How many professional athletes could make a comeback from a stroke? Bruschi was the type of player franchises owners dream of.

Like me, Bruschi likely does not care much for Chad and his “look at me” antics. He spent his entire career with the Patriots and still sees Chad as a flambuoyant outsider that has not yet earned his stripes in Foxborough. If anything, hopefully this wakes Chad up. 500+ yards were gained on Monday night and Chad had little to do with it. Wake up Chad.

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  • Thanks for the guest post!

    Personally, I don’t have a problem with Chad’s Tweet… I know some Patriots fans/people were worried Chad would “not fit in.”

    That tweet is much better than Chad complaining about having only one catch… Maybe some see it as a bash on Carson Palmer and the Bengals… But hell, Carson is HORRIBLE, so…

  • I really think Tedy’s frustrations with Chad are elsewhere. They are complete opposites. When it comes down to it, Bruschi is the one with the Super Bowl rings. If Chad and TO were as good as they both think they are, both would have rings.

  • Good to see another Bengals fan. Every year I tell myself I will no longer be a fan, then week one comes around and I find myself rooting them on.

    I saw nothing wrong with Chad’s tweet. Only Chad Johnson (that’s rights, he is still Chad Johnson to me) can make a complementary comment and get called out. True he wasn’t involved much in the offense. How many plays was he in on? He was only targeted three times. He is 3rd or 4th on the Pats depth chart, how many other WR deep on other teams depth charts got more than 3 targets?

    I’ll agree that he does have a “look at me” attitude, but he doesn’t deserve the comparisons to TO. Chad was never negative or said anything negative about his teammates. Chad was always fun, TO was usually hurtful.

    Like him or not, Chad was a great NFL WR and fun to watch. Teddy needs to take a chill pill and lay off a guy who was complementing his own team.

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