Hot Read: Chiefs vs Dolphins

First thing is first, I for some reason am still giddy about Monday night! I don’t know what it is, maybe the defense playing so well or Phillip Rivers losing it for the Chargers! Either way I’m stoked that the Chiefs are in a three way tie for first and possibly could be in first after this weekend.

OK, on to tooting my own horn a little bit. I first started blogging when the Chiefs was 0-2 and the sky was falling for most Chief fans. It seemed everyone and their mother was calling for the head of Todd Haley! My first blog I posted was “Win one for the gipper” in that I told everyone to give him a chance and let it play out. Also I stated that the Chiefs could be in this exact situation (prophet?)! Now it seems that all is good and everyone is in love with Haley again. Everybody loves his rally beard and sweaty hat! So now that all is good in the Chiefs world lets move on to the Dolphins for a hot read.

The Dolphins game kind of scares me! Vegas seems to think this too they now have the Chiefs as a 3.5 favorite which isn’t much for considering the Dolphins haven’t won and the Chiefs are on a 4 game winning streak. The thing that scares me most is that a team with nothing to lose is a dangerous team! The Dolphins aren’t getting blown out of games, heck they should of won their last two. Remember a while back when the Chiefs was 9-0 and the Bengals came to town with a 4-5 record. Chiefs thought this was just going to be another notch in their belt. The Bengals with nothing to lose came in and put it to the Chiefs. I’m still all warm and fuzzy inside from the victory last week lets hope the Chiefs have let it go so they can focus on a decent Dolphin team.

The Chiefs in Dolphins game should have no problem as long as the defense continues to dominate. I cant get over how well this defense has come together and started playing. I could only imagine how good they would be if top pick Eric Berry was still in the secondary! Kendrick Lewis is having probably the best three game stretch I have seen from a Chiefs safety since James Hasty. Brandon Flowers is finally looking legit but has a big challenge this week with Brandon Marshall. Derrick Johnson, well is having another pro bowl season and if he doesn’t make it this year I will be demanding a recount! The d-line actually seems to be doing what a 3-4 d-line should do and that is eat up the o-line so the linebackers can attack. I’m still wondering where the explosive Justin Huston I seen in the preseason is at. The Chiefs just need that second pass rusher to go with Tammba-Hawk! Tamba had one of the best games I have seen since Derrick Thomas last Monday night. Tamba seems to be unstoppable when he is in the zone he was coming off the line before the tackle! If  the Chiefs just had that one more person that could pass rush this defense could be in the top 5 in the NFL.

OK, Chiefs fans let’s all go out and support the Chiefs this weekend. It is probably going to be one of the last weekends with descent weather. If that stadium is anything like what it was Monday night the Dolphins wont stand a chance! Lets keep the momentum going! Lets also hope the Broncos win and the Packers remain undefeated. That way the Chiefs will be in first place all by themselves!

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