Here we go again.


Here we go again! Once again every one is demanding that Todd Haley is a horrible coach and that the Chiefs stink! OK, OK, lets all do this together and take a deep breath.. OK now exhale, the Chiefs are fine. I don’t see all the panic that everyone is having and honestly everyone had it in their gut that the Chiefs were going to lose on last Sunday. I mean all week long it was everyone talking about how we beat the Chargers and are rolling now but nobody was focusing on the Dolphins. It’s OK I wasn’t really either. The thing is we aren’t out of it and we have a huge game tomorrow with Denver that could put us right back in the tie for first.

My main bitch today is going to be on everybody just hopping on the Raiders bandwagon. They finally played one decent game with Carson Palmer at QB now they are GODS gift to the NFL. I don’t get it they beat the Chargers! A Chargers team that has Phillip Rivers that can’t go one game with out a turnover. A Chargers team that is weak at defense and has a deteriorating offensive line. I’m not sold on Oakland nor am I sold on anybody else in this division.

If we look in to the future a little bit I will give you my ultimate scenario! Ok we have Denver tomorrow I see a win there. Then comes New England on Monday night and lets be honest they have no defense they remind me of the Colts a few years back. So I’m chalking that up as a huge road win! Then comes the Steelers on Sunday night I think the Chiefs will take this game also. So that puts the Chiefs at 7-4 with DA Bears next. I love facing Jay Cutler because he is a poor mans Phillip Rivers! They both stink so another victory here puts us at 8-4. Ok then comes a road game to the Jets which I would pick a victory but for some reason I just feel the Jets will be desperate by week 14 and will pull out all stops on the Chiefs so I will put this one in the loss column. Then come the Packers at Arrowhead an I can only hope and pray that they are undefeated by week 15. If they are I feel that this game will be a must see! I also feel that place will be electric and the Chiefs hand Aaron Rodgers his first loss of the season. So a little recap we are sitting at 9-5 with two big weeks left. That brings Oakland back to KC and a road trip to Denver to end the season. I could be totally wrong on all front but I just have a gut feeling about this Chiefs team and us taking the division.

I hope everyone will just relax and let it play out. Shoot as of right now with the players we have lost I feel good about where we are at now!

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  • I do not understand how you can blow off this loss so easily and think the Chiefs have a chance against some of the best teams in football. This team got torched any you are hand-waving the Chiefs into being one of the best teams in the league. The Chiefs may not even be able to beat the Broncos. Granted, the chiefs were not as bad as they were last Sunday but this was their third blowout loss this season and might be closer to being that bad than you think. That must be some good koolaid

  • Ummm taste great! Man the chiefs are the best team in the west! Then when they beat new England everyone will be back on the band wagon! Better get on now be for there is no room!

  • Ummm taste great! Man the chiefs are the best team in the west! Then when they beat new England everyone will be back on the band wagon! Better get on now before there is no room!

  • Lets hope your wishes come true, they are similar to mine I just want to make the playoffs. Lucky for the Chiefs all the teams in the division aren’t very good, should come down to the last few weeks.

  • I’m just embarrassed at the AFC West being touted as the NFC West of last year. I don’t totally agree with that but sadly its not that far off.

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