Chiefs Host The Best Team In The NFL

Now the Chiefs play the best team in football, the Green Bay Packers. It will be interesting to see how Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense attacks the Chiefs defense. We would be so lucky to see him play the Chiefs as the Packers seem to have everything locked up. The question may be how long will Rodgers be in the game before a safe lead is built up and he can be protected from Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson.

The Case Against Todd Haley

I find it a bit odd that Todd Haley had as much support as he did on his way out. He seems to have a penchant for making enemies with too many people who he shouldn’t be building up walls against. He has pushed away a lot of assistants and waged a whole campaign against the way Scott Pioli wanted Todd Haley to coach and carry himself as coach.

Don’t get me wrong – I thought the dingy hats and the weird sweaters Todd Haley wore was a good look but that only takes a guy so far when acting as Haley did was basically defying his boss. We all know that football jobs are different from normal jobs in many ways but defying your boss will not work out well, especially when no success is being had on the football field.

With all that has come out in the past week about how defiant Todd Haley was, defending him at this point seems to be a dead-end argument. He is the coaching version of Plaxico Burress because he basically shot himself in the leg but in a figurative sense of course. The preseason plan of his basically fucked the Chiefs from the beginning and the injuries only made things less recoverable. He ended his tenure clinging to a quarterback, Tyler Palko, who is obviously bad

He somehow rallied support from his team but was not able to keep it for very long. The whole Dwayne Bowe confrontation was a big deal. The whole act that Todd Haley put on as the “bad cop” or some better analogy just wears thin after three seasons. There is a time and a place for it but the wrong time and place is when a player like Bowe is working on a long-term contract with the Chiefs.

Whether or not giving Bowe more paper is a good idea is another story. Todd Haley saw himself out the door because players stay longer and so do general managers. The coach had better find a way to fit in and make things work or he finds himself fired as he did on Monday.

The Case For Todd Haley

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Any Chance For A Win Against The Winless Packers?

The Chiefs could win against the Packers but I doubt it. It helps that Kyle Orton should be playing today. I know that many Chiefs fans want to see Ricki Stanzi get some time in and I agree. Not because I want to see Stanxi but because a) I still think Scott Pioli will draft a quarterback and the Chiefs need the best pick available and b) I want people to see Stanzi so they shut up about it after he finds himself over-matched.

It has been rumored that Pioli wants to remain with Cassel and ergo he will not draft a quarterback. I don’t think one of the most tight-lipped organizations gives up its drafting plan when they give up no other information besides dirt about Haley. Matt Cassel probably should be the starter because he is still on the payroll and, even if the Chiefs draft say Robert Griffin III, he will need some time on the bench to learn and Matt Cassel will have some heat on his seat while he tries to repeat his success he had in 2010.

The money the Chiefs paid Kyle Orton is sunk cost so the Chiefs could very well play who they want. It makes sense to play Orton if he is available because the with the Packers playing the best football in the league, the Chiefs need to be respectable on offense. The Chiefs will not have the same experience they had against the Bears where it was a close game because no team could score. If anyone wants Stanzi to play against the Raiders and at the Broncos, bad quarterback play would not be bad form in those games.

On to the Packers! Aaron Rodgers has just been amazing this year. I have not seen enough of him but every time he is on my television, he is threading footballs through tiny windows and scoring touchdowns left and right. The Chiefs D should hold its own but if you wonder about where the Chiefs are weak, the Packers will show you today.

It will also be interesting to see how Bill Muir calls plays. Not because he is some offensive mastermind but we have all wondered who has been calling plays this whole time (though we probably already know). Both Orton and Muir give the Chiefs something different and, though there are no promises it will be better, it will be a change.

I think Jermichael Finley will give the Chiefs some problems as will the Packers offense in general. I don’t think the Packers defense is all that great so I think there will be some points for the taking. The Chiefs are going to have to have their A game going.

As for me, I have finished finals and, for the first time this season, I will be able to dedicate this whole day to football watching. I will watch the Chiefs game and the Bears-Seahawks game as well. In the late game the Patriots will try to stop God. If the Broncos win that game, I will see you in church next Sunday.

But seriously, to end this rap, I think what is going on in Denver is great because, the better the Broncos do right now, the harder it will be to supplant Tim Tebow with a real quarterback. For a QB that didn’t complete a pass in the second and third quarter, who got a whole minute after Marion Barber failed to get out of bounds and who has a kicker who can make field goals from 60 yards away, Tebow gets a lot of credit.

I actually enjoy watching him play but if I were a fan of his, I would be worried about hi m long-term because a player just doesn’t last too long playing how Tebow plays. I think he would be a great gimmick quarterback and a decent H-back tight end. Enjoy it while it lasts, Tebow fans, because he has yet to beat a decent team and his option is starting to get figured out.

Prediction: Green Bay Packers 35, Kansas City Chiefs 17




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