Good Luck With the NFL This Week, Chiefs Fans

Howdy! This Kansas City Chiefs fan has left the Suck For Luck camp. I had a good time and met some cool people but I pulled my stakes and left at the time that I think is right. Are the Chiefs going to make the playoffs? No, they won’t but they are not the worst team in the league and have proven it twice. I still think that the organization wasn’t exactly opposed to it if you judge the actions of a coach who decided to have a lax preseason or a general manager who says that his owner gives him all the money that he needs to spend. Sure.

I have not given up on the prospect of getting Andrew Luck however. The first pick will be very valuable this year but it is not above a price that the Chiefs could pay (or mortgage) to get Andrew Luck. I am thinking two firsts, two thirds and a little something else could get the pick and that is the stance I will take. The Chiefs may win six games this year but Suck for Luck they will not. If the Colts or the Rams were to get the #1 pick, they may be more willing to part with it than say the Dolphins or the Broncos. Oh, what am I thinking? Jesus is under center for the Broncos so they should be fine.

There are two games against the Broncos that the Chiefs need to win, a game in Chicago that they can win and a game against the Dolphins that they will win. The Chiefs have played themselves into the blob that 2/3 of the NFL  teams occupy at the moment. Maybe they belong at the bottom of that blob but they seem to be a team that got off to a bad start which may have been more detrimental to their season than the injuries to the key players.

So, no more Suck 4 Luck corner but in its place is a plea for the Chiefs to give the team with the pick the best offer to get a quarterback that could change the franchise. I think giving the pick the Herschel Walker/Ricky Williams dealmay actually pay worthy dividends in the end. I do not think that the Chiefs will because Scott Pioli will try to show that he can find the next Tom Brady but I think he needs Andrew Luck more than anyone else that affiliates themselves with the Chiefs as an employee or a fan. I am happy to root for a team that tied their record for coming back from the greatest points deficit since they came back to beat the Oakland Raiders in 1981. Now, can they beat 2011′s Oakland Raiders next week?

The Chiefs Tamed The Wild Colts

I am giving the game ball to Matt Cassel for winning the game against the Indianapolis Colts last week. He won that game and there’s no doubt about it. You really have to question the committee calling the plays for the Chiefs because, before the Colts game, the Chiefs had scored 19 points in the first half and they really looked sluggish until those two drives that ended up in the end zone. I know that teams script the first fifteen or so plays but can we put an end to running Dexter McCluster up the middle? I do not think he should be the featured back in the backfield period as he only seems to be effective as a wideout or in motion.

I still think that the Chiefs need to prove that they can do what they have done the last two weeks against better teams but they could have lost the game on Sunday but they were the better team and they played like it. I liked Jackie Battle getting carries because he will not have as good of a season as Thomas Jones had with the Bears or the Jets but he is better than Jones now and it seems as if Jones plays better now that he knows that Battle will take some of his carries. It’s time for Battle to get more of the snaps early and bring Thomas Jones later.

The defense looked really good against the run last week. It seemed as if they were content letting Curtis Painter hit his open shots early on and that might have been the best strategy. Brandon Flowers blew some coverages last week but the defense came through when it counted. One guy who I think should stay off of my television is Andy Studebaker. He had a bad game and if Justin Houston would make some contributions, that would improve the defense. No one disappointed me more than #96.

It’s really the offense that has to come through. Name a defense right now that you can really say will carry a team to the Super Bowl. Now name three offenses that will do so. Packers, Patriots, Saints, okay stop. That’s what I thought. It is about offense and I think the Chiefs have learned their strengths by now. Yes, Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki are gone but they still have their moves. Dwayne Bowe is legit but the Chiefs should wait as long as they can to pay him because he has burnt the team in the past. Damn, that was a good catch, though. He is the goods.

Bottom line, this game is about the offense and the Chiefs can bring it but I would recommend that the Chiefs scripts some plays that make sense and after about five plays, perhaps they need to trust their own instincts. It;s going to be time to beat some real teams soon, starting with the Raiders next week and the Chargers eight days later on Monday night.

Choose a Side, Chiefs Fans

So there is Scott Pioli who is actively trying to leak negative things about his coach Todd Haley and claims that he had as much money as he wanted to spend this offseason but chose not to. You have Todd Haley who had no regard for a short preseason and that decision will cost him his job but probably not until season’s end. He also may have ragged on rookie Jonathan Baldwin to the point where Baldwin threw a punch that has kept him on the sidelines to this day. If you think that is a stretch, it was pretty clear that he was giving him the Dwayne Bowe treatment from Day One. At the same time, he has had this team playing for him, well, for the last two weeks but it is pretty clear that Todd Haley is gone but he has not given up.

Scott Pioli will be here longer than  Todd Haley but I would like to see a scenario where Todd Haley forces Pioli’s hand and has to make a tough decision as to whether or not to fire Haley. He will and that is probably the right decision but I want it to be a tough decision because Scott Pioli is the man who hired him and Haley has been as advertised so I wonder why Pioli is so surprised. The fact Haley is a fiery head coach was no mystery and I hope that there will be a lesson there when Scott picks his replacement. Perhaps picking the best coach available perhaps? Could it be that the Bill Belichick tree’s branches questionably is dead beyond the current Patriots head coach?

Scott Pioli is the key to this franchise’s future success and these stumbles could serve as good lessons on the way towards building a dynasty but until Pioli employs a quarterback like Tom Brady and a coach like his former cohort Bill Belichick, he rightfully will be questioned.

I want to root for Todd Haley and I will because I am on board for the rest of the season for the Chiefs but, just like Suck 4 Luck, it is a lost cause. In the end, the Chiefs will rely the talent and the next head coach Scott Pioli can bring in. Until then, I want to like Todd Haley but I think he has already compromised his position by punting the preseason. I really wanted that to work but it is clear that no team was more hindered from the short preseason than the Chiefs

Good Luck With the NFL This Week

Most games this week seem to feature one good team and one bad team. As great as an opportunity as it would be to survey the rest of the NFL this week for us Chiefs fans, we will have to settle for games that will feature one team dominating the other. However, this will not always be the case and you might end up watching the game that features a bad team challenging a team that should end up with the win. The Carolina Panthers-Atlanta Falcons and the San Francisco 49ers-Detroit Lions games seem like the best and most interesting match-ups.

This week may be a good time to learn your kids’ names again, go rake the leaves or whatever you want. I will be doing homework as I do everyday but I hope to catch the night game as a Bears meltdown could be afoot. That Mike Martz offense doesn’t really work anymore and the Bears are on the verge of a collapse. It could get interesting by the time the Chiefs visit there in early December. Happy bye week all! For those of you who were or on the Suck For Luck bandwagon, have no fear as the Chiefs could still get Luck if they are willing to pay the highest price.

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  • I am probably the only one, but I think Haley will outlast Pioli if the end comes soon for one/both.

    I don’t believe Pioli at all when he says there was no truth about the potential firing of Haley had the Chiefs lost against the Colts. Now, Pioli may not have not any intentions to actually fire Haley, regardless, but I do believe Pioli made those comments and leaked them.

    The 2 main reasons I believe Pioli will be fired before Haley:

    1 – He tells the media he was given all the money allowed by the cap, then doesn’t use it. Super-Ego!

    2 – The players believe in Haley. Replacing a beloved and respected coach wouldset the team back at minimum a full year with the complete change in system.

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