Brandon Lloyd celebrates big play Denver Broncos

Win Win For Denver Broncos and St. Louis Rams in Brandon Lloyd trade

While the St. Louis Rams are getting a Pro Bowl WR Brandon Lloyd on the cheap. The Denver Broncos are getting something  now instead of nothing in a couple months when Lloyd’s contract is up.

Neither teams are Super Bowl bound, so this trade will benefit both teams.

The St. Louis Rams can use Lloyd to help in the development in their young QB Sam Bradford. Who really hasn’t had a premier WR to throw the ball too. Josh McDaniels is the Offensive Coordinator that made Lloyd the Pro Bowler he was last season in Denver, Lloyd won’t have too much trouble adjusting to a playbook he already knows.

McDaniels will use Lloyd the way he used him in Denver, running a lot of slants and giving Bradford quick release passes and to pull some of those blitzing LBs off the line, forcing them to play back a little more. In turn, it will give Bradford much more reps at throwing the ball during the game without he fear of blitzing linebackers every play.

The development will be major for this young QB in a Lost Season, even though Bradford will be out this weekend and AJ Feely will be getting the start. Ya, I said AJ Feely.

Broncos can now have the extra starting spot to develop their WR corp. Demaryius Thomas coming back from off season injury and Eddie Royal coming back as well from his injury.

Not all that fair for Tim Tebow  but will give him a chance to show what he is all about, and it will give  all the Tebowmaniacs an excuse if he Fails.

Broncos however, were not about to give Lloyd a big contract at the end of the year. He is 31 yrs old and was not going to be part of the Broncos’ future, so why not cut ties right now, even if its for a 5th round if he gets 30 catches.

All in All Broncos win, for the development of their Receiving Corp. Rams win for the development of their young QB, Lloyd wins because he went to a team with a Coordinator that will throw the ball to him every other play in a contract year and not run, run, pass. Fantasy owners of Lloyd win because he will get more passes thrown his way from Bradford than he would have from Tebow.

If you disagree, please comment below so I can tell you why you’re wrong

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  • For my fantasy team, I am really excited about Lloyd going to St. Louis… Lots of potential!

  • I heard Lloyd had negative feelings toward Tebow and the team doesn’t need any of that during its rebuilding stage. Elway is mentoring Tebow I think your going to see more short passes to gain confidence in the passing game!! @travis Rams havent been able to move the ball not sure Lloyd is going to be the answer either.

  • McDaniels loves to throw the ball… and he loves Lloyd… If nothing else, Lloyd will be seeing a lot more targets… And for my fantasy team, that means a greater probability for a boost in fantasy points.

  • if your league is PPR then it might be a good play depends on your league if you play 3 WR he might be a good 2 or 3

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