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Will Tim Tebow succeed in Denver?

Tim Tebow has found himself in a interesting yet familiar situation since he was selected in the first round by Josh McDaniels.  Tim has faced many critics and skeptics along the way to finding himself, as of this Sunday, the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  The question that everyone is asking, debating, and what is filling up time slots on sports coverage on a national level is, will he succeed?  The answer to this question is YES!

From the time that Tim Tebow laced up his cleats and played Pop Warner football he has faced doubters, skeptics, and coaches who seemed to be set on changing the position that Tim wanted to play.  The simple fact without breaking down every statistic that Tebow has put up over the years is that this guy knows how to win. Tim Tebow has succeeded at every level of competition in his career and I do not think the NFL will be any different.  So how will Tim do in Denver?

The Denver Broncos are a organization that is rebuilding.  Denver has young talent spread throughout its roster.  On the offensive side of the ball the Broncos will have some young talent that will help Tebow on the field.  John Fox has always been a running guy first which I think will benefit Tebow with his unorthodox style of play.  Some skeptics believe that when teams have time to prepare for Tebow that he will not be able to perform as well as he did in the 2nd half of the San Diego Chargers game.  I think Tim Tebow is unique and there has never been another player quite like him.  Aside from the leadership and spark he provides fans and teammates, he has a unorthodox style of play that I think will be very difficult for teams to pinpoint.  If a team is built around this guy, I believe he could take a team to the playoffs.  Will he ever win a super bowl?  I would not go that far, but I think he will have a successful career and if the Denver Broncos give him the right tools I believe he is going to surprise some opponents this season and help the Broncos get some victories.

My final thought is that the Denver Broncos will be competing with the Kansas City Chiefs for last place in the division but it would not surprise me at all if this Tebow led team was able to get at least one victory over every team in the division.  If Tim Tebow can do what he did toSan Diegolast week, then you better believe he could do it to Oakland or Kansas City.

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  • i also believe he will do fine, but it’s not going to matter, because the broncos are going to be in postion for Luck.

  • With the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins currently winless, I think that the Broncos chances of even being in the position to get Luck wont be that great. I figure Denver will finish with a top 10 pick next season but it will take the #1 spot to get Luck. Miami is struggling at Quarterback since Henne went down and would love to get a shot at a guy like Luck. The colts have also said that if they had the opportunity they would draft Luck to have him study behind Payton as he finishes his career in Indy as well. So I dont think the Broncos have a very good shot at Luck unless it be trading up.

  • I think the Broncos will show new life, Tebow may not be the best QB but he is a WINNER someone like that can get crappy team playing much better. I see Denver winning a few games. Especially this weekend looking for a Miami to show us another horrible performance.

  • Tebow has “IT”… the 2nd half of SH _ _… No really, the guy simply wins… His preaching turns me off, when I want to hear about football, but whatever floats his boat. I don’t live in Denver and I rarely watch ESPN, so I don’t have to listen to it too much.

    Rumors are that Miami ownership is actually on board with “Suck for Luck.” Still fighting to replace Marino in Miami…

  • I love Tebow! I only problem is he can’t throw the ball. He can’t run in the NFL like he did in college. He does not have Vick speed. I’m pulling for him because I like the guy from what I see. I just don’t think he will be a good NFL QB because he can’t throw. That’s not my Opinion! Those are facts.

  • The fact is that since last year he is second to only Vick in rushing touchdowns with 7 in only 3 1/2 games. Vick has 9 and has played a lot more downs. So to say he cant run, well that disproves that point.

  • The point was he will not be able to run. Not that he can’t. He will get hurt. 3 1/2 games is the point. Wait until he plays more games.

  • I wouldn’t call saying “wait until he plays more games and will get hurt” a fact. That’s a mere guess. No one knows what Tim Tebow’s career will hold or what he will do on the field until it happens. Its only speculation and there have been some running quarterbacks who have been successful. Tim has done it his whole career and been successful so far. Mike Vick does well with it and while he is much faster than Tebow, there is a big difference trying to tackle a speedy Vick who comes in a little over 200lbs and then tackling a 250lb Tebow. Either way I hope he does and think it should be exciting to watch.

  • Cam Newton already has 6 rushing touchdowns. more then Tebow, I think Tebow could catch up but as of now I would take Newton over Tebow.

  • Cam has 6 in 6 games. Tebow has 7 in 3 1/2, you do the math. I mean its hard to compare them when Tebow has played one half this season and Cam has started every game. A lot of people would take Cam over Tebow, but this discussion wasn’t called “Who is better Newton or Tebow”?

  • If you really want to break down statistics look at both of their first 3 games as a starter. Cam had 1,012 passing yards 4 passing td’s, 4 int’s, 98 yards rushing, 2 rushing tds, and a rating of 85.9.

    Tim Tebow in his first 3 games had 654 passing yards, 5 passing touchdowns, 3 int’s, 227 rushing yards, 6 rushing touchdowns, and a rating of 82.1.

    So if you compare the 6 categories Tim beats Cam in 4 out of 6. Both went 1-2.

  • Lets just hope I’m wrong. I want Tebow to do well. i just don’t think he will. Cam and Vick can throw the Ball and run fast. Tebow can do neither from what I have seen. I hope I’m wrong. Go Tebow!

  • I am hoping Tebow does good. Still not sure if he can create a winning team this year, but could have a positive effect for the future.

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