From Tebowing to DUH, Quinning in Denver

Cancer patient Tebowing while Chemoing.

After just one start this season Tim Tebow took the league by storm with his 15 point comeback, and then started the next social media craze called “Tebowing”.  After a  sideline discussion with coach John Fox, Tebow took a knee and said a short prayer.  The pose he held has now popped up in pictures on major social media websites all over the world.  People have been Tebowing at the airport and even at the World Series.  There is even a Tebowing.com website!  One fan who is battling Cancer tweeted a photo of them Tebowing while Chemoing.

However, this past week Tim Tebow seemed to be exposed for what he is by Detroit; a great competitor that can’t throw the ball accurately down field.  His short tenure in the NFL has proven to be very polarizing despite just starting four games in two years.  John Fox never wanted to play Tebow at all this year.  Tebow’s struggles in practice at simple drills made Fox place him as the third quarterback in the depth chart.  The Broncos lousy start forced him and the organization to try some new things.  Despite being listed as the number three quarterback on the depth chart, Fox was forced to go with Tebow because of the fan attraction.

The owner of the Denver Broncos, Pat Bowlen, is surely Tebowing and praying on an hourly basis that Tebow can become a franchise quarterback.  Since entering the league Tebow has had the Broncos top selling jersey despite rarely touching the field.  Having a quarterback that charismatic and polarizing would be a marketing dream.

Many reports are now suggesting that the Broncos have a short leash on Tebow, and that Brady Quinn is next in line to get a shot at the quarterback job.  Quinn has not appeared in a game since 2009 with the Cleveland Browns.  The Broncos organization wants to decide soon if they need to draft a new franchise quarterback, and this will more than likely be Quinn’s last shot at a long term starting job.  Will the Denver fans soon start the next social media craze, “DUH, Quinning!”?

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  • John Fox did not cave into pressure from fans to start Tebow. These coaches are not sitting around listening and catering to what fans want, if that was the case, then none of these NFL teams or coaches would be successful. This is Fox’s first year and he has to see what he has got for the future in his team. I have seen some of the Broncos practices and all 3 QB’s performed pretty well in the drills. I also don’t think the Broncos are worried about drafting another quarterback at this point either. They are at the halfway mark of the season. These coaches put in long hours in order to get ready for games, I cannot see them sitting around debating on who they might want to draft in the middle of the season while all this is still going on. I would see Kyle Orton coming back in before Brady Quinn got a shot at this thing. It is difficult enough to put together an offense for a QB like they have been trying to do with Tebow, let alone change it all up again for someone else. There is just too much that can happen between now and draft time for a team to be focusing on that. Especially in the weakest division in the NFL where a 8-8 team could probably win the division.

  • You sure were so spot on about Tebow!! All it takes is Game Planning for what you Got… Unlike what the Chiefs do. Tebow over Cassel any day!

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