The NFL Friday Five

The Thanksgiving holiday may be over, but the tryptophan overdoses have just begun. Bring your leftovers and get down on this weeks NFL Friday Five.

1. It may not have helped them on Thanksgiving, but the Detroit Lions are the first team in NFL history to come back from 17 points behind in a single season. This is a type of resilience that cannot be coached. If a certain defensive lineman would have avoided stomping a Dallas player this weekend, they may have added a fourth.

2. The writer of this article seems to be able to put a curse on any team he praises or makes a prediction for. Last week, he mentioned that a University of Florida player had scored a touchdown in each of the last 149 weeks of the NFL regular season play. That record was stopped this week, as no former Hurricane found the endzone. The current record belongs to the University of Pittsburg, which has 12 consecutive weeks with a touchdown.

3. In short and strange career of Tim Tebow seems to be rolling on, despite what the Broncos brass or former quarterbacks have to say about it. This week, he set a new NFL record with the longest quarterback run in the final minute of an NFL game. Rex Ryan was not pleased. On a side note, it is often hard to tell if John Fox is going to laugh or cry when Tebow manages to win.

4. Don’t stick a fork in the Texans yet, they still have a stout running game lead by two great offensive coaches and a serviceable back up. Gary Kubiak and his offensive coordinate Rick Dennison have faced situations like this before: in 1998, they lost John Elway to a sprained hamstring, but forced 416 rush yards over the next two games. If they can get Matt Leinart to limit his mistakes, this could still be a decent playoff team.

5. Aaron Rodgers has been phenomenal this season, and has put up a 110 or higher quarterback rating for ten straight games. With play like this, and what the Packers are doing in general, he should be a top contender for this years MVP.

Do you have an NFL stat that you would like to share this week? Then hit up the comments section and let us know!

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  • 1 – I don’t care what Suh does that is “dirty,” I would take him on my team in a second… Schwartz is a fool if he suspends him without being mandated by the league to do so. We saw in the past that it doesn’t matter if the team suspends a player, the league will simply add on to the suspension… Remember Larry Johnson? Edwards suspended him, the NFL said, “thanks, here’s another 2 games.”

    2 – I was thinking about your post from last week as I was watching MNF

    3 – Bitter sweet definitely… Think they will try to deal Tebow anytime soon?

    4 – I could make an argument that Ben Tate is just as good as Foster… Well, with a serviceable QB. With Tate in the game, as a more pure rushers, the D is forced to spread their focus, with Foster, there is no question where the ball is going.

    5 – Rodgers put up his lowest fantasy total of the year for me this week… Still great, but if I lose by 5 or less points, the blame is going to fall squarely on Rodgers!

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